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Wonderful sandbox

  • Tlosk

    Thank you for making such a wonderful program. On the internet there is such a huge gap between the extremely basic and general info on electronics and the very technical and specific info that pretty much requires you already understand at the level of an EE. A gap that's really difficult to traverse without someone with experience looking over your shoulder to answer questions and clear up confusion. I understand why the gap exists but for someone like myself who is trying to complete a number of complicated electronics applications on my own it can be really hard sometimes. Your program has provided me with a wonderful sandbox to test out what I think is the case and empirically work through the possibilities until I understand it correctly. And a lot of times it would be downright expensive, dangerous, or impossible to do it using actual components. Thank you again for making QUCS for us to use.

    • Stefan Jahn
      Stefan Jahn

      Hello there,

        is it possible that you provide some example schematics of your "electronics applications" to share with other user on the example's page at
      Is this possible?

      Thanks in advance, Stefan.