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Read Me

This creates a build directory using current build-tools, maven, perl, etc.
Once the build directory has been constructed you can use PackageMaker to turn
it into an installable pkg. You can find PackageMaker from the OS X Developer
tools, installed into /Developer/Applications/Utilities.

To use this makefile
 1. run 'make install'. there should be no errors
 2. open PackageMaker (--root /var/tmp/build.$USER/mac-quattor --title 'Quattor Managed Client for OS X' --version '1.0'
 3. (following guide from, step 12). Click 'change root' and give /var/tmp/build.$USER/mac-quattor
 4. click on SET under the resources and select resources
 5. Give the title of the package in the package title field.
 6. Put the version number in the version field ('git describe' to find the current tag).
 7. Add in short description.
 8. click 'needs authorization'
 9. do NOT select relocatable
10. click 'requires reboot'????
11. click create package

The resulting pkg will install in /opt/edg. There will be "standard" perl
libraries installed in /opt/edg/lib/perl5/... (where the path is
dependent on the current version of perl). There will be a symlink 
/opt/edg/lib/perl which points to the current perl-appropriate directory