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Read Me



Add EPEL repository.

Under Scientific Linux 6, install the following RPMs:

  • python-2.6.5
  • python-devel-2.6.5
  • python-setuptools-0.6.10
  • python-dateutil
  • python-cdb
  • python-lxml
  • python-virtualenv
  • PyYAML
  • protobuf-compiler (to build the protocol buffers)
  • protobuf-python
  • gcc-4.4.4
  • git-1.7.1
  • git-daemon-1.7.1
  • ant-contrib-1.0
  • make

  • real version of java (not GCJ!); openjdk?, oracle?


  • krb5-server
  • krb5-workstation

See instructions for krb5
. In
/etc/krb5.conf, change server to servername in [realms] section.

If using a different distribution, you will need python 2.6.x and git

  • protobuf
  • protobuf-devel
  • protobuf-compiler
  • protobuf-python

Install the knc package from the
Quattor repository, or build your own from
sources at
bash easy_install virtualenv

Cloning the git repositories


bash cd ~ git clone git://

Pass in an alternate INSTALLDIR if desired. Compiling the protocol
buffers into perl may fail.

make PROTOC=protoc install


make INSTALLDIR=/usr/local/lib/aquilon/protocols PROTOC=protoc install
Aquilon itself:

bash cd /opt/ git clone git://


Run as root to install to a system directory, or run as a normal user
to install into a user-writable location.

bash cd build ./ >

The cx_Oracle install will fail if there is no local Oracle client
installed - that's fine. Some versions may fail to install, and the
current stable version will be installed instead.

bash python2.6 --python=python2.6 --prompt="(aquilon) " /usr/local/aquilon/pythonenv --system-site-packages

(look in following for installed files

An environment has now been setup appropriate for running commands and development.

To activate the environment:

bash source /usr/local/aquilon/pythonenv/bin/activate

Alternately, just add the bin directory to the $PATH.


Setup up the aquilon broker configuration file. There is an example
in etc/ Copy that to the system /etc/aqd.conf or
just set the AQDCONF environment variable to point wherever it is
installed. Update the file as needed. The default will use a sqlite
database back-end.

(change configuration from database_oracle to database_sqlite)

(add directories /var/quattor /var/quattor/logs /var/quattor/aquilondb)

Take a look at the example load file for the database in the aquilon
source repository's tests/aqdb/example.dump. Update as desired for
the site. When ready, a database can be initialized (or recreated)
with the following command.

Set up AQDCONF (or have an /etc/aqd.conf) as described above first.
Create the database directory if using sqlite and it does not exist.

bash cd ../tests/aqdb ./ -D

(ignore warning on administration not setup)

Make sure there is a keytab set up for the running user, and then
try starting up a development broker:

(add to configuration file /etc/aqd.conf:

ini [protocols] directory=/usr/local/lib/aquilon/protocols/lib/python


bash export AQDCONF=/etc/aqd.conf

(change aqd.conf.defaults in aquilon install etc area)

bash cd .. ./

In another window:

bash cd aqd/bin AQSERVICE=$USER ./ status

To test without kerberos:

bash ./ status --noauth

Misc. Bits

bash chmod a+x /usr/local/aquilon/pythonenv/bin/activate
source this instead...

Need to create a kerberos keytab...

change service AQSERVICE:

bash export AQSERVICE=aqd export AQDCONF=/etc/aqd.conf

Setup bare git repository in /var/quattor/template-king.

in aqd.conf.defaults, change:

ini dsdb = /bin/echo dsdb_use_testdb = True

starting git

bash git daemon --export-all --base-path=/var /var/quattor/template-king/ &

production service...

bash python2.6 /opt/aquilon/bin/ --logfile=/var/log/aqd.log aqd