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Nikolay Vyahhi Alexey Gurevich Vlad Saveliev

18 January 2014

QUAST 2.3 released! Welcome brand new version of our tool!

Long-awaited contig alignment plots, updated misassemblies detection logic, full report in PDF format, and many other features included!

Quick links:
Full Manual (including Install and FAQ)

web-based QUAST
QUAST page at Algorithmic Biology Lab website

17 June 2013

QUAST paper has been selected for F1000Prime!
Access the recommendation on F1000Prime

15 April 2013

Bioinformatics published QUAST paper in Volume 29, issue 8 (Pp. 1072-1075)!
You can download citation in various formats here.

The latest version details:

QUAST version 2.3 is released under GPL v2 (see LICENSE for details).

See Changes for a full list of new features and fixed bugs. We tried to support all your requests sent to quast.support@bioinf.spbau.ru in this version!
Detailed instructions on QUAST running and understanding its output are given in the Manual.

Other useful information:

We will be thankful if you help us make QUAST better by sending your comments, bug reports, and suggestions to quast.support@bioinf.spbau.ru.

QUAST team,
Algorithmic Biology Lab.