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QuArK 6.6.0 Beta 1 has just been released!

QuArK 6.6.0 Beta 1 has just been released!

A lot of fixes and new features, including but not limited to:

Map Editor:
-Added a new highly detailed QuArK Conversion Tools system, for making game support QuArK .qrk files, with expandable capabilities.
-Some nice fixes by Adam Quest (aka "Who Gives A Dam") to the 'Worldcraft .fgd file' converter, (Thank you Sir !).
-Cleaned up, fixed if needed and brought into sync all QuArK addons.
-DanielPharos fix to stop bezier-view from causing errors.
-Added full game support for Team Fortress 2. Entities by Japa, textures by Nax. (Thanks a TON Guys !)
-Added full game support for Heavy Metal - FAKK2, Prey, NEXUIZ and Warsow (with .md3 model support), with major support improvements for EF2.
-Added FTX file loading and saving support (Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2 textures).
-Big changes to OpenGL: should fix the OpenGL hangups.
-Setup displaying of 'Used Textures' in current map being edited in the Texture Browser.
-Setup of a full bezier library with over 30 prefab beziers to work with for games that can use beziers.

Model Editor:
-Setup new Paint modes toolbar and complete painting functions to allow the painting of skin textures in any Model Editor textured and Skin-view.
-The Skin-view now properly updates to reflect changes made to skin textures.
-Added two new sections for Logging functions and Texture functions for added QuArK development.
-Made toolbars interactive with one another to turn off buttons when needed, avoiding errors and crashes.
-Added newframe to New files... toolbox, "Model" type, for a new model to be made from.
-Added Used Skin Textures for displaying in the Texture Browser.
-Changed Quake 2 "TextureFormat" to save .md2 model skin textures as .pcx proper format.
-Setup function to reset Skin-view.
-Stopped "doautozoom" in Skin-view, causing unexpected view jumps.

Posted by DanielPharos 2008-05-07