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QuantLibXL / ObjectHandler 0.9.6 Released

QuantLibXL, QuantLibAddin, ObjectHandler, and gensrc version 0.9.6 have been released and are available for download:


QuantLibAddin exports the QuantLib interface to a variety of end user platforms including OpenOffice.Org Calc.


QuantLibXL is the implementation of QuantLibAddin for Microsoft Excel. The QuantLibXL project includes a binary release comprising a compiled Addin and example workbooks.


ObjectHandler implements a repository where objects can be stored, shared, updated, interrogated, and destroyed. This facilitates object orientation in procedural environments such as spreadsheets.


gensrc is a python application which takes function metadata and autogenerates addin source code for various platforms including Excel, Calc, and C++.

The QuantLib group

Posted by Eric Ehlers 2008-09-10