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quake2xp 1.26.2 update

Linux support
Change EAX2 to EFX
Ogg Vorbis soundtracks support
Random play music files
Change parallax occlusion mapping to relief mapping
FXAA antialiasting
Chromatic aberration for alpha surfaces
Update lighting for hud models
Add tbn cache for bsp
Box blur filter for shadows
Shader effect for level loading screen
Update console background
Env mapping for alias models
Read player models from paks
*Film Grain postprocess (use r_filmGrain cvar)... read more

Posted by Kirk Barnes 2012-06-14

quake2xp from 1.26q to 1.26.1 update

add * soft shadow volumes
add * dynamic per-pixel lighting (pre-cache 8-13 lights per frame) except for light styles
add * lightmap based bump for bsp (fake deluxe bump)
add * current player weapon for player setup menu
add * softness for sprite models
add * "infinitely" decals
add * 13x newest crosshairs
add * blaster bolt particle effect
add * sphere mapping for shells
add * fixed aspect ratio for cinematics
add * scanline postprosess for cin movies
add * unreal tournament style double jump (dm flags)
add * cd-rom letter override
fix * sexed sound
fix * more ati shaders bugs
fix * pom bug with hi smooth tbn values (not full)... read more

Posted by Kirk Barnes 2012-02-05

q2xp 1.26 release

New version available on our files page

Posted by Kirk Barnes 2011-04-20

New begining

For a long time we had available to quakedev.com
But due to problems on the host we moved here
New engine use glsl render and support more new and old-school effects as -
External glsl shaders.
Parallax occlusion mapping.
Glow effects on world and models.
Phong lighting for alias models with normalmaping.
Vertex lighting for non ligtmapped surfaces.
High quality animated caustics effect.
Dynamyc shadow volumes for alias models.
Improved particle and decals effects.
Realtime refractions for water, glasses, explosions effects.
Lens flares with per pixel occlusion test.
Multisample antialiasing with advanced NV coverage sample antialiasing (CSAA) support.
Postprocessing effects - radial blur, bloom, depth of field, termal vision.
OpenAL 3d audio engine.

Posted by Kirk Barnes 2011-03-27