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Closing down qtwin project


It's time to close down this project. The goal to provide Qt/GPL on windows (inclusive msvc support) is achieved.

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2007-10-16

Patch for Qt 4.3.0 released

We've uploaded a patch for Qt 4.3.0. You can grab it at the usual places :)

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2007-06-07

Q../free 3.3.x-8 released

We've released a new version of Q../free. You can download it from here:

It fixes two bugs and the source was updated to the x11 sources of Qt3.3.8. View notes for details:

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2007-05-11

Updated patch for Qt 4.2.3 released

There is a new patch for 4.2.3 available on the download site.
For a list of changes see here:

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2007-03-12

Q../free 3.3.7-7 released

I've made a new svn snapshot from Q../free. Maybe this is the last one as we now go straight forward to a working kdelibs4/win32 and don't need Qt3 anymore :)

Fixes since 3.3.6-6:
- update to qt3.3.7/x11
- fix QPainter::RasterOps
- fix stat() usage for unicode filenames
- fix insert IE-urls from clipboard
- fix cross compilation (thx to stefan jahn)
- remove /DELAYLOAD linker option to avoid problems with some special msvc compilers
- reduce HDC usage
- fix QWidget::updateFrameStrut() (was a qt4-bug)
- #1515849 "System shortcuts not working"
- #1498951 - "File selection does not work in C:\"
- #1495044 - lyx window doesn't restore to maximized... read more

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2007-01-17

Updated patch for Qt 4.2.0 released

I once more have to update the patch for Qt4.2 since qmake fooled me again :-/
Please redownload or create an empty file qt-4-src/qmake/generators/win32/msvc_dsp.h

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2006-10-12

Patch for Qt 4.2.0 released

We've uploaded a new patch for Qt4.2

You can grab it here:
Please report bugs to the bugtracker or the mailing list.

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2006-10-11

Patch for Qt 4.1.4 released

There is a new patch for 4.1.4 available.
Only one small change was made:
- fix detection when creating .vcproj files

You can download it from here:

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2006-06-28

Q../free 3.3.6-6 released

There is also some small bugfixing for Q../Free 3.3.x. We've ported a lot of platform dependend code back from Qt4 to our Q../Free and due to the Qt 3.3.6/x11 release we decided to make a new snapshot:

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2006-05-26

Patch for Qt 4.1.3 released

Yesterday we released a patch which works with 4.1.3. You can download it from

Qt 4.1.2 and 4.1.3 aren't compileable without qt3support on windows. The issue is reported to trolltech and will be fixed with the next release. A workaround is to replace Q_LLONG with qint64 in src\corelib\kernel\qeventdispatcher_win.cpp.

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2006-05-26

Additional compiler support for qpl'd Qt4.1/win32

I've uploaded a patch which adds additional compiler suppport for Qt4.1.
Currently we've some problems with borland support but this should be solved when the new C++builder 2006 is out.

If you've problems building qmake, please create directory <qt-4-src>\qmake\tmp

I've also added a new snapshot for Qtwin/free 3.3.5.

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2005-12-29

Qt3-cvs module moved from kde-cygwin to qtwin

Yesterday, the moved our qt3 - sources from kde-cygwin to qtwin. This step was necessary because kde-cygwin is closed down.
Don't forget to update your anonymous cvs settings.

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2005-11-10

Hotfix update for additional compiler support for Qt4/win32

There is a new patch (acs4qt401p3) available which fixes a problem which I found during kdelibs/win32 compile. Uic3.exe wasn't build correctly.

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2005-11-01

Updated patch for additional compiler support for Qt4/win32

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2005-10-29

No more binary releases for Qt3/free

Because of possible legal problems, we decided to provide no more binary releases of Qt3/free. But you can always get the latest cvs version. See for download instructions.

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2005-10-29

Additional compiler support for qpl'd Qt4/win32

We've just released our first patch which adds support for MSVC and Borland to the gpl'd Qt4/win32 sources.
You can download it here:

When you use this patch and encounter problems please *do not* ask Trolltech for help. Instead first try to reproduce your problem with MinGW which is officially supported and then ask Trolltech for help.... read more

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2005-09-30

QT Windows Free Edition Release 3.3.4-3 available

A new binary release of Qt Windows Free Edition is available currently for msvc6, msvc.net2003 and borland.

You can download it here:

What's new:
- updated to 3.3.4
- rotating text works now (but not completly correct), thx to Stefan Jahn
- key events work now (at least our people from Lyx/win32 don't complain anymore about wrong keyevents :-D )
- scrollviews and the middle mouse button work nearly correct
- a lot of cleanup in qapplication_win.cpp
- QWidget::winEvent and QApplication::winEventFilter are called correct now (hopefully)
- stl, rtti and exceptions are now on by default
- removed some more memleaks
- better popup handling
- corrected QFileDialog - now it has the same behaviour like qt321nc
- implemented QDesktopWidget
- QBitmap did not work correct in some cases (problems with word/dword alignment fixed)
- QPixmap::xForm() is nearly complete (alpha buffer seems to make problems)
- and other minor changes ... read more

Posted by Ralf Habacker 2005-06-02