QT258= BUG into Drive Bar icon and some Improve Request

  • Laura

    I have installed your last version 258 of QTTABbar Proving it i have discovered this:


    Into "Drive Bar" for my drive "c:\" & "D:\" & "E:\" Selecting a custom icon file that have only one icon resolution with 256x256 size, program can shows the icon in all size except "MEDIUM" that shows blank icon.


    Using "Drive Bar" and Left-cliccking on letter of hard disk "C:\" or "D:\" ....
    programs opens always (as default) "NEW TAB" near previous TAB
    In my opinion is a great idea improve program with a menu choice that permit user to choose default method that program must use to open drive as:

    Method Choice Flag:

    • "open NEW TAB" = [default] New directory in New tab near previous as program do as default ..or..

    • "open in current tab" = Now only using right click i can do this, to use Same window on screen, replacing old directory with new folder path ..or..

    • "open New Window in New Session of Explorer" = Right Click to Open and activate other istance of explorer.exe with new folder path

    Into Drive Bar is a great thing permit user to choose through flag option if he wants or he not wants shows icons of drive that have not support inserted as DVD-ROM without disk or Card Reader without flash card.

    Add Menu option that ask user what he wants that program do when user clicks on "x" on right corner of Window:

    • Close active Window with all its tabs opened ....or....

    • Close only Tab active if there are lots tabs opened (if there is only one TAB opened then close also window)

    What do you think about ?