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New Explorer

  • Paul Accisano
    Paul Accisano

    As of the latest leaked build, most everything still works.  The only thing I found that didn't work was middle clicking on the breadcrumb bar entries, but I expected that to break since it's based on an extremely fragile hack anyway.  It will likely be fairly straightforward to fix though.

    The one thing that is a little disappointing is this new ribbon at the top.  It's definitely lightyears better than that stupid command bar we have right now, but the problem is its positioning.  Since it's above the breadcrumb bar, the breadcrumb bar is no longer glassy.  And since I can't move QTTB above the breadcrumb bar, that means I won't be able to make QTTB glassy as I had planned for a future version.  Sad face…

    However, there was an option to disable the ribbon in the last build I tried, so maybe it can still happen.

    Overall, I think the transition from 7 to 8 should be not nearly as painful as Vista to 7.  There are indeed a few nightmare scenarios that are possible where Microsoft removes some absolutely critical mechanism, but barring those, we should be in good shape.

  • Mike Connor
    Mike Connor

    Hope so.  Although I prorbably wont go for Windows 8  immediately anyway.  I have only just "finished" getting Windows 7 setup as I wanted! :)

    Did you manage to have a look at the source code of Explorer++, looks very neat and tidy and the various functions should not be too hard to put into QTTabBar I think. They look clean and it seems as if it might be easy to exract the function blocks. As I wrote, I am really keen on the colour coding function.  I downladed the code and had a good look at it, but it is beyond my present skills to actually extract and use any of it.

    Regards….Mike Connor

  • Jerome Doby
    Jerome Doby

    Jeez, not a new OS already.