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  • this kind of audio export is already provided... just select all clips in the track (eg. click on first colored cell in left pane/track list) and proceed to Clip/Export... also, Clip/Merge is an alternative if what you want is to replace the clip(s) with single one of exported audio file. all without plugin fx applied, though.

  • Hi Rui!

    I don't think you quite understood my request.

    I know about the functionality you describe but lets say you have 50+ audio tracks and you want to export them individually, the most common example being if another person is going to mix your session under a different DAW - its tedious to export all 50+ tracks one at a time.

    • status: open --> pending
  • Starting from v0.6.7, audio track export (Track/Export Tracks/Audio...) has been deeply refactored to finally include MIDI track/instrument plugins rendering (aka. freeze) on selected audio output buses on mix-down.

    • status: pending --> closed