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#73 gnome software metadata patch

Brendan Jones

Hi Rui

the gnome team are developing an app store like installer. It has support for distro packaging backends amongst other things [1]. It will appear in Fedora 20, Suse soon as well with the others to follow.

I've been going over the packages I maintain and have decided to support this effort by helping move this along with some of the stand-out apps.

I've created a patch which creates and installs the metadata file in $DATADIR/appdata according to these specs [2]

If you are interested, please review. I've grabbed the content/screenshots from the website but you might like to change it. The metadata supports multiple languages, but there's only English in the patch.




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  • hi Brendan,

    i appreciate your efforts but... i am not that sure whether this gnome-app-store thing should belong into the upstream source tree and/or build baseline at all...

    imho. it's kind of, rather a collateral thing. w/e.

    sorry. i'm not trying to tell you the obvious, of course, that qtractor is not a gnome application in any way; even if it would be better named after store my stance would be the same, i guess :)


  • Brendan Jones
    Brendan Jones

    Yeah, the app installer just happens to be written in GNOME. This is just one implementation of the freedesktop appstream specification. There are other apps in the pipeline

    I'm happy to handle it on Fedora's end if you'd prefer, but then that effort will have to be duplicated in other distros. In that case, I'm open to any feedback you have on the content of the metadata.



    • status: open --> pending
    • Milestone: 0.6.0 --> svn_trunk