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#64 mouse config options

Daniel MacDonald

Hi Rui!

I was sad to see the ability to position the playhead by middle-clicking in the timeline disappear again from qtractor, not long after I had requested its inclusion - why?

Maybe we have different ideas about the easiest way to control qtractor? Unfortunately there is not much qtractor users can do to optimize the controls to their liking right now without digging into the source code.

Apart from being able to move the playhead without having to use the keyboard (ie only having to middle-click to position the playhead), I would also like to be able to use my scroll wheel to zoom in and out of the main editor window quickly and easily.

Is there any chance we could have some mouse config options please?


    • status: open --> pending
  • Thanks Rui but there are a couple of probs in the current revision.

    Firstly, middle click doesn't relocate the playhead within the MIDI clip editor yet, only in the main editor.

    Second, I would have never known what option I was looking for to enable 'Relocate playhead using middle-click' (which is what I was requesting here) if I'd not know it was the latest change in svn and I had not read the Changlog entry for it so could you please modify this new options description under the options menu to make its main purpose (for me at least) a bit clearer?


  • MMB works as desired again now.

    Thanks RNCBC!

    • status: pending --> closed