#48 Soft synth GUI patch change not updated in Track window


After changing a soft synth's patch via its GUI, the information will not be updated in the Track window.

Detailed information
  • Using a soft synth, such as DSSI xsynth or Whysynth, in a Track
  • Track -> Plugins -> double-click Plugins -> change patch in Plugin's GUI

After changing patches in the above way and closing down the soft synth's window, the "OK" button of the "Track - Qtractor" dialogue box will be greyed out, meaning that you need to close it either with the Cancel button, or the dialogue's top left/top right buttons. Although the patch itself does change correctly, the information in Track/Track's "Bank" and "Program" will not update.

Expected behaviour

Following a change in the soft synth's GUI, the Track's "OK" button should be active and its "Bank" and "Program" information should be updated.

Additional information

Changing the Track's "Bank" and "Program" directly (i.e. rather than through the soft synth's GUI) works correctly. The OK button is enabled and the information is updated.

*As discussed here:


    • status: open --> pending
    • Milestone: 0.5.8 --> svn_trunk
  • yubatake

    Tested in, but am seeing no changes this end? Tried closing the synth plug-in window (DSSI xsynth) using both the top-left window button and the top-right "x", but the Track's "OK" button is still greyed out and the patch information is not updated in the main view.

  • yubatake

    Tested in The patch does now correctly update in the main view, but the Track window's "OK" button will still be greyed out, forcing you to Cancel, or use the top left/right buttons. This is by no means a big issue, plus I suppose you could argue that you haven't changed this window, so you shouldn't need to OK anything; however, changing the patch directly on the Track window's Track page will enable the OK button, so it can "feel" slightly inconsistent.

    So the main issue is fixed, but the "OK" button question really depends on how you yourself want the UI to be interpreted :-)

    • status: pending --> closed