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#3 resize tool doesn't work for pitch and mod values

Daniel MacDonald

The resize MIDI tool would ideally be able to detect if you are modifying pitch or mod wheel controllers and if so you should have the ability to set ranges +/-8000 instead of 0-127.


  • the MIDI resize tool applies the change in direct proportion of the common parameter value range (0..127) into the pitch-bend value range which (0..+8191) and there lies the bug! although proportional it doesn't account for negative values, as the legal range for pitch-bend values is in fact -8191..+8191 thus symmetrical on zero center.

    now that bug has been just fixed now, svn trunk rev.2974+ (v0.5.5.26+)

    re. mod-wheel events are of MIDI controller event type, last time i've checked (CC#1) and range is 0..127 as usual, so no cigar on that one ;)


  • I get the proportional scaling bit and that seems to work fine for positive resizing but I've just built the latest svn and I don't seem to be able to enter negative values.

  • you still don't enter negative values in the MIDI resize tool argument value--it still is under a standard 7bit 0..127 range as before.

    what has been fixed is that negative pitch-bend swings (values -8191..0) are now being proportionally re-sized in magnitude but still keeping their original sign, meaning that negative pitch-bend values will stay negative (it was switching to positive before, that was the bug).


  • Gotchya! :)

    Although all this behaviour makes sense when its explained to you it not really obvious that it would work like this so we could do with adding an explanation of the resize tools behaviour when working with pitchbend data to that fine (it is actually very good) manual.

    I'm glad I helped squash a bug I didn't really know about!

    Thanks Rui!

    • status: open --> closed