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#27 stem export

stem export (1)
Daniel MacDonald

A stem export function would be great so that qtractor could export each audio track to an individual audio file, named after the track of course.

It would be even more useful if we had option to stem export with or without plugin FX applied.


Tickets: #47


  • this kind of audio export is already provided... just select all clips in the track (eg. click on first colored cell in left pane/track list) and proceed to Clip/Export... also, Clip/Merge is an alternative if what you want is to replace the clip(s) with single one of exported audio file. all without plugin fx applied, though.

  • Hi Rui!

    I don't think you quite understood my request.

    I know about the functionality you describe but lets say you have 50+ audio tracks and you want to export them individually, the most common example being if another person is going to mix your session under a different DAW - its tedious to export all 50+ tracks one at a time.