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#12 MMB in timeline should position playback marker

Daniel MacDonald

I've bottled this one up for a while now but now its escaped onto your tracker where it belongs! :)

I'm a bit frustrated that I currently need to use both hands to arbitrarily position the play head marker ie one hand holding shift or CTRL and the other on the mouse to click in the timeline where I want the playhead marker to go.

As it stands, if you middle click (MMB) within the timeline it collapses the range markers on that point. This is no use to me whatsoever but it would be a godsend if it repositioned the playhead to that point instead, freeing up my other hand that would prefer to be on my MIDI controller or whatever.

If there is a good reason for MMB in timeline retaining its current function then maybe we could have double-click LMB or double-click RMB moving the playhead instead? ATM that brings up the tempo map but I'm certain most users need to move the playhead much more frequently than they need to insert tempo or time sig changes and we certainly don't need both LMB and RMB to do exactly the same thing.

So long as I can move the playhead marker with the mouse alone I'll be much happier - I'm not too bothered although I'd prefer MMB single click.

Thanks Rui!


  • It makes sense to retain the current behaviour of SHIFT/CTRL + LMB to move the playhead for those without a middle mouse button but as it stands I never use middle click (in the timeline, or anywhere else) under qtractor as its current function seems useless.

  • here the news: svn trunk rev.3027 (aka. qtractor

    • Mouse middle-button clicking is back in business on main track-view
      and on MIDI clip editor views (piano-roll) as an immediate play-head
      (re)positioning command or merge/reset the edit-head/tail cursors if
      Shift/Ctrl keyboard modifiers are pressed.


    • status: open --> pending
    • status: pending --> closed