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11-29-2006 Giuseppe Rota <grota@users.sourceforge.net>

* Released first public version. Branched from pfscalibration 1.3.
* integrated class Array2DImplUCHAR that stores uchars and not float, this
reduces memory footprint.
* Removed src/dcraw2hdrgen* (we do not support raw image files yet)
* icipi06.h and icip06.cpp kept for future integration.
* Modified flow of execution in pfshdrcalibrate(int, char*) in order to let the
user decide the weights of confidence over pixel values, the response
function, and the model used to create the hdr
* added debevec model
* added triangular and plateau weighting functions.

12-03-2006 Giuseppe Rota <grota@users.sourceforge.net>
* Changed name of pfscalibration2 into pfshdrcreate, renamed
executables and manpages