Qtpfsgui v1.9.0 released

After a long time, here's the new version of Qtpfsgui: 1.9.0.
Here's a list of the main new features:

* Interactive anti ghosting.
* Hdr creation wizard revisited (increased usability).
* Added manual anti-ghosting feature (for LDRs only)
* Fixed Mantiuk tone mapper glitch
* Removed integrated dcraw implementation: now using the external executable (this removes the libjpeg direct dependency)
* Fixed durand02 bug (range=0)
* Added commandline interface
* Clicking on the tone mapper progress bar in the interactive tone mapping dialog will terminate the tone mapping process

Since this release contains quite some changes, it's possible for the code to be slightly unstable. This means that the previous version will still be available and treated as the "stable" branch, see download below.
A Paypal Donation button has also been added to the website.

Posted by Giuseppe Rota 2007-12-16