as most of you already know Luminance HDR (in 2.2.0) was one out of 9 tested HDR programs in the recent article in "c't Digitale Fotografie".

Here some results prepended with (+ and -) directly talking about Luminance HDR:
+ Good results for weighting functions, especially for RAW shoots
+ Hint from the author: for jpeg shoots using Plateau with Gamma curve resulted in less noise
+ Many TM operators
+ TM parameters are even saved as Exif in the saved image
- Many technical aspects of HDR creation visible
- Mysteriously no de-ghosting for raw files
- The pencil for de-ghosting is too small for big objects
- After changing TM parameters "Apply" has always to be pushed
- Saving the LDR image is always in the preview size
- TM options can be saved, but don't show up neither in the combobox, nor in the preview panel
- Only one postprocessing
- Neither Exif-values, nor ICC profiles are stored in saved images("Copy Exif-data" way was mentioned)
Summary: With Luminance HDR you have to know what you are doing, templates bring no perfect result, without adapting them. But there are no limits in dynamic compression
or in getting contrast-full images. Many times a pleasant result or surreal, completely overdrawn HDR-image, is just some slider millimeters distant from each other.

Here now some pros and cons of OTHER some software than Luminance.

Con of some other software:
# lack of saving HDR images (incredibly 2 out of 9)
# missing tiff support
# to many floating dialogs
# missing batch modes

Pro of some other software:
# postprocessing tools for saturation, contrast, white balance, de-blur, de-noise
# when creating HDRs, determining EV values even without Exif data (calculated from the input images)

General summary over all 9 tested HDR programs:
# many programs rely on automatics, which has its limit
# only 3 programs offered manual de-ghosting steps (including Luminance), but only Photomatix show acceptable results
# setting manual HDR-creation parameters only in 4 programs (including Luminance)
# Luminance is the only program for Linux