Ogg Speex support

  • It seems that Ogg Speex support is in CVS for the last few months - if it is working code could someone please create binaries so people on Mac can play speex files with iTunes? Speex is more efficient then Vorbis for speech compression so it's great for radio shows. But because it's not multiplatform yet I'm holding back; I don't like to say "only for windows users".

    • Hugo Forss
      Hugo Forss

      having recently become interest in speex i did a checkout from the cvs and managed, after some minor alterations, to compile the component. now, has anyone succeeded in actually getting this component to work?

      i've compiled speexenc (a major pain on macos 10.2) and now i was hoping to play my newly encoded files with quicktime. but however i try i can't make quicktime recognice them. the old trick of appending ".mov" doesn't work either.

      the mail that was sent to the speex-dev list in late -02 regarding the windows component only mentions narrow- and wideband but even with these limited setting it does not seem to work.