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Quicktime 7

Mark Dixon
  • Mark Dixon
    Mark Dixon


    There seem to be problems with Quicktime 7, on panther at least. I was getting a crash every time I tried to play an ogg either via iTunes or quicktime.

    The patch below prevents the crashing, but its indicitive of deeper problems as Quicktime is returning a samplecount of zero. As such no actual sound is produced - i'm includign it to help somebody who knows the code better than me to diagnose the problem rather than suggesting it as a fix.

    My copy of Tiger should arrive in a few days so I will test on there later.


    --- src/OggVDecompressor.c      18 Apr 2004 17:59:55 -0000      1.17
    +++ src/OggVDecompressor.c      3 May 2005 10:16:51 -0000
    @@ -976,6 +976,10 @@ static ComponentResult PrimeSource(OggVD
            FailWithAction(globals->sourceDataPtr == nil, result = paramErr, Exit);

            sourceDataPtr = globals->sourceDataPtr;
    +    //  Fail if there is no audio
    +    FailIf(sourceDataPtr->sampleCount == 0, Exit);
            globals->outputData.flags = sourceDataPtr->flags;                      // copy flags unchanged
            globals->outputData.sampleRate = sourceDataPtr->sampleRate;            // copy sample rate unchanged
            globals->outputData.numChannels = sourceDataPtr->numChannels;   // copy numchannels unchanged