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[PATCH] massive vorbis speedup

  • Schlingel

    Hmm for Some reason, that Plugin doesnt solve my oggTag problem. Itunes still doesnt display the Track numbers of my oggs (on windows/linux/Rio Karma) everything works perfectly. Does anybody have a clue why this might happen?

  • Schlingel

    Sorry I just noticed, that I missed the Track Numer Discussion a few threads below.

  • jon merriman
    jon merriman

    >> I really don't understand why the file has to be read entirely before it can be played. It's not because the file is loaded into memory, because it's still being read from disk while it's playing... <<

    The problem is that Quicktime is having to "import" the file each time it is loaded. A temporary solution is to open the file up in Quicktime, and click "Save as..." and save a small movie file, then import that into iTunes. It will play instantly.

  • Max Horn
    Max Horn

    How about putting your nice patch into a "Patch tracker item" of the project? That'll make it easier for other people to find it.

    Also, maybe some of the people who generously provide (sometimes improved) binaries of this project on their websites: Hey, maybe some of you are interested in trying to join this very project, and get your patches incorporate. A new official release of qtcomponent would be nicer than having a dozen "forks" scattered over the net.

  • Joshua Root
    Joshua Root

    I'm pretty sure this patch was applied shortly after being posted. As for joining this project, the current admins don't seem to be reachable. At least, I have tried to contact them about this project a couple of times and have received no reply.