#4 Flickering in Windows XP

Nick D'Amato

I noticed when playing any Oggs using QT Player and
the OV QT Component, the entire Windows XP intereface
appears to flicker.

The cursor, start menu, buttons in dialogs (even
those outside of the QT Player app) flicker for the
entire duration of the playing Ogg.

This behavior doesn't occur when using the same
player to play MP3's, etc.

I will do some test compiles locally to see if I can
releive the bug.

Hardware: Athlon 900, 384MB Ram, Video: NVidia Vanta
16MB, WinXP Pro Corporate


  • Steve Nicolai
    Steve Nicolai

    Logged In: YES

    There is a bug in QuickTime for Win32 that anytime the
    mouse is inside a QTML window and QTML draws,
    there will be flicker. I see this on Win2k. I haven't seen
    items in other apps windows flicker at all.

    Is this what you are seeing?

    You might try it with a player different than QT player,
    even one of the sample QT shell applications would
    work. I've been using the QTDataEx application as that
    supports export without a QT Pro key. It uses the
    standard movie controller vs. the customized look in QT

  • Nick D'Amato
    Nick D'Amato

    Logged In: YES

    I've seen the within window bug, but this one appears to
    affect the entire OS... every window appears to
    flicker/redraw slowly. I think this is actually what is
    happening... the OS is constantly redrawing, slowing down
    the system.

    The QT window can be minimized.. it still occurs. I will
    try with a different player and let you know what happens.