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Zaurus 6000L and a Fortuna U2 USB GPS

GPS units
  • qpeGPS with a Fortuna U2 works like a dream on a Zaurus 6000L.

    What I did: -
    insmod usbserial
    insmod pl2303  (I had to compile this myself)
    start gpsd with '-p /dev/ttyUSB0 -s 4800 -k'
    then run qpegps

    • I just updated my gpsd version and the command line has changed slightly, just lose the '-k'. so now the command line is: -

      'gpsd -p /dev/ttyUSB0 -s 4800'

    • Is this the pure USB model of the Fortuna?  I've seen some with ps/2 type connectors...

    • Yes this is the pure USB version.

      incidentally if you need usbserial.o & pl2303.o for the 2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedix kernel you can download them here : -