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solving problem in Cacko ROM 1.23 and CF card

  • Voblin

    Known problem. This is a problem in Cacko ROM v 1.23. setting 4800 baud rate frozen Zaurus (stty 4800 < ttyS3). This is the problem with serial_cs driver, For solving problem in the console enter command:
    $ cardctl ident 0
    product info: "TFAC ", "CF30 GPS", "2001", " "
    function: 2 (serial)

    Then copy product info strings to the file:  /etc/bluetooth/serial and add to the end of the string such substring: ":baud_base 1000000 spd_cust divisor 24"
    For this example whole string will:
    "TFAC ", "CF30 GPS", "2001", " ":baud_base 1000000 spd_cust divisor 24
    After it you must use 38400 speed instead of 4800. So for 4800 GPS card working on /dev/ttyS3 port use gpsd Args: -p /dev/ttyS3 -s 38400.
    So you must use 8 times higher speed.