Problem installing qpegps_0_9_1_maps.arm

  • How much disk space does qpegps_0_9_1_maps.arm require? When I try to install qpegps_0_9_1_maps.arm to SD card, Add/remove program applets returns error message "Not enough storage memory for installation."  Currently SD card has 3.2 MB available.

    Qpegps_0_9_1_maps.arm cannot be installed to internal memory. It will not install to internal storage after qpegps_0_9_1.arm has been installed on Zaurus 5600.

    Any clues? Please advise. Thank you.

    • Oleg Gusev
      Oleg Gusev

      > Any clues? Please advise.

      It is horribly outdated, and effectively useless.
      Clues ? Wait and pray for a new release :)

    • Which version of qpeGps should be used in the
      meantime? Haicom 303 MMF CF GPS was
      purchased and I am anxious to use it.
      qpegps_0_9_1.arm is displaying "No GPS signal rcvd"
      message. Any clues appreciated. Please advise.
      Thank you.