Startup Problem and scan map

  • ComGeek

    I just install on my Zaurus 6000L with Haicom HI303S GPS. Works good. But I do have some problems:
    1. Here is how I start qpegps. Plug GPS, go to terminal and type qpegps. I will get:
    SISharedManager: can't get proc entry
    Display size = 480x640
    executing cardctl resume
    then I hit ctrl-c
    I get:
    cannot ope /dev/ttyS3: interrupted
    selection changed 0
    and (now qpegps did open)
    Cannot connect to GPS
    Abort Retry Ignore
    When I hit Retry, everything works great.

    If I did not plug GPS first, I can open up qpegps but GPS does not work after I plug it in.

    Is there a easier way for me to fix this problem?

    2. I download 64 map from Expedia but am not happy with the detail. If I want to scan map by my self, what do I do? Basically I am trying to use this when I travel and driving in unfamiliar city. Say if I get maps from AAA and scaned them, do I have to combine them into on map or qpegps can pick up right portion of the map?

    Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for any information that might help solve my problem.

    • ComGeek

      I found out that I can select the scale of the download. So now I am happy with the map.