#24 Zaurus Frozen in Map mode


I am testing you qpeGPS software on my SL-C860 with
a Garmin eTrex GPS receiver connected to the serial
port via a serial cable.

The GPS status tab indicates that the gpsd receives
consistent datas. I created referenced my own map for
testing purpose. I checked that the points pointed on
this map by the cross-over cursor are correct (info tab).

But the Map mode, doesn't seem to work at all!

1) When the GPS is not connected I get an error
message in the middle of the
screen : "Error number 0 occured"

2) When the GPS is connected selecting the Map tab
make the Zaurus freeze (the map is not displayed at all,
and it is no more possible to select another tab nor to
close qpeGPS)



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    I also got similar problem on my C760 with QpeGPS
    Without a GPS receiver connected, an error dialog appears.
    (this is normal) Also, "Error number 0 occurred" shown on
    screen. QpeGPS doesn't response to any hot-key except for
    "enter". It seems that there's no refresh on display after
    key-press is processed such that all changes reflected after
    "enter" is pressed. And it's very slow for moving or
    changing maps. Multiple keys-press would make it like
    frozen. For example, using a 800x640 sized map, pressing 3
    times "right" then "enter" would take several seconds before
    menu items shown and then the map moves.
    (does it matter if scaling is wrongly given with MERCATOR?
    could this be automatically calculated?)

    BTW, maybe it's better automatically change to map-mode if
    no receiver is connected or position not fixed and
    optionally auto switch back when position is fixed.

    Y. Chao