Cool application... & some ideas!

  • Sascha

    Dear David Larcara,

    this is a really cool application. I enjoy it really much. It's easy and very effective to use. The navigation is great. But I don't understand the MySQL Lite and MySQL Buttons. What can I do with that??
    Really cool is the print function and the time table view. Good work!

    Is it possible to add some features? Something like:

    - Adress book with birthday alert
    - Automatic update function
    - Event planner
    - A holiday planner
    - Maybe shortcuts to adds direct entrys into the calender, events, adress book etc.??

    That makes the program a whole live organizer.

    Many thanks for this great work!
    Go on!!

    Nice regards

    • dlsoccer14

      Hey Alexander,

          This actually isn't my application. I'm simply doing a project for a class and chose it as one to analyze. I think it's a well made project too. The developer is actually pretty good at returning e-mails, it's in the code on the top of each piece. I'm sure he'd be willing to what you have to say if you shoot him one.

         David Larcara

    • Balázs Béla
      Balázs Béla

      The SQLite and MySQL buttons do exactly what's documented on the site: