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Would you like sugar with your Qoole-AID?

What is Qoole-AID you ask? Qoole-AID is our new project indented to replace Qoole99 in order to create a better mesh polygon editor. As of today, all active development on Qoole99 has ceased. Bug fixes and some minor changes will continue to happen, but for the most part, all efforts will be put forth into Qoole-AID. A new version will be released within the next week or so which will include the following changes:
A Minor bug fixes.
Change colors in 2d wireframe mode.
Add toolbar to map views.
Finish Quad and Single view functionality.
Add Mouse sensitivity option.
Allow brushes and entities to be named.
I realize that some of you may be disappointed by this news - and it's extremely disheartening for me to put so much development time up on the shelf, but Qoole99 was just too poorly written to be as robust and GOOD as I would like it to be. Although I could continue to develop Qoole99, in the end, I would end up re-writing the over 80% of the application. So over the next few days I will be removing the 'generic' game module, making a few changes and fixing a few bugs in order to get the next version out as soon as possible. Please, if you find a bug, let me know - I will make every attempt at fixing it.
The good news is that over the past several months, my experiences with Goole99 have taught me how NOT to approach the design and implementation of a polygon mesh based editor. So I am hoping that by the time the next Star Wars episode is in theatres, a good portion of the functionality for Qoole-AID will be implemented. Chances are there will be pre-alpha versions out by Christmas.
I will also be posting a feature list by the end of the week.....until then, here is a sneak peak:
Python Scripting.
Supported File formats .3ds, .x, .md2, .md3, .qle, .map, and .gem file support.
Curved Surfaces.
Integrated model editor and animator.
Integrated entity editor.
Static brushes.
Animation cut-scenes with Python object manipulation.
Brush and Polygon based editing.
Landscape editing.
Rendering for DirectX, MGL, OpenGL, and Windows GDI.
Alpha blending support in 32bit mode.
More robust plug-in engine.
Support for Fly3D, CrystalSpace, and Jet3D rendering engines.... read more

Posted by Chet Simpson 2001-11-06

10,000 hits!

We finally made a milestone of sorts - we've finally reached 10,000 web hits.

I've also been getting a bit more mail lately about Goole - mostly suggestions and bugs. Now that I am back into the swing of development, things are starting to take shape. At least I was able to add some more eye candy like the map coordinates shown on the grid. I'm still mulling over a couple of the suggestions and have a list of other items I would like to add, hopefully I'll have them posted up on the schedule soon - just gotta find the time to research them and decide when and if I want to add them in.

Posted by Chet Simpson 2001-11-03

Looks like the trick was on me!

Seems that I forgot to post the new version in the files section. Even though it's not up there, it IS available on the home page - I'll have it updated tonight.

Posted by Chet Simpson 2001-11-02

Trick or Treat?

Well you're definitely in for a treat. The new alpha of Goole has finally been posted. Along with a few new features, several bugs have been fixed, several problem areas have been revamped, and much of the work required to go forward with adding new features (rather than fixing stuff that's almost broken). Here is a list of some of the major changes:

WindowsXP enabled (does not affect older versions).
Coordiates are displayed on the 2d map grid.
All required data files moved into a "System" folder.
Plug-in manager GUI for selecting/deselecting loaded-plug-ins.
Preservation of the current directory.
Did I mention it's WindowsXP enabled?
Quake 2 brush properties fixed (who knew they were broken???)
Lots of bug fixes and internal rework.... read more

Posted by Chet Simpson 2001-11-01

Next release approaching soon!

Yup! That's right! I'm hoping to have a new more stable release available this weekend. The plug-in manager is working nicely and everything that uses it seems to be working ok - which means that if I did break something it's very well hidden and will be a problem later but that's how things go with alpha releases. I am also looking into finishing some of the elements needed by game and mod developers and will hopefully begin working on a couple of those items this week. Right now I am looking at support for Gloom, Fly3d, CrystalSpace, and possibly one other freely available game engine. Most of this revolves around setup, configuration of game type, and building of maps as well as allowing developers to supply a plug-in for loading/saving in their proprietary map format.... read more

Posted by Chet Simpson 2001-10-24

Just a quick note....

I've just finished making some changes so that all of the required data files needed by Goole are located in a System directory based off the application directory. This should eliminate problems with files not loading due to directory changes inside of the application. I may add in a search path list so that files can reside in a couple of areas but that might cause problems with having files of the same name in several places.... read more

Posted by Chet Simpson 2001-10-18

Stuff is moving along!

Aside from the normal frustrating problems, things are coming along nicely...but slowly. I am working in a new brush type that's basically just a plate (a single polygon). This should prove handy for adding effects such as fire and water which will be nice to say the least. Aside from that, just the normal stuff like more plug-ins. Another crucial (at least to me) is the addition of file I/O plug-ins for dealing with textures, maps, and models. Once this is finished all texture loading and map saving/loading will be ported to plug-in modules. This will add a great amount of flexibility and support for both map creators and game developers alike. I am hoping that in the long run, there will be a great amount of support added for utilizing freely available texture packs. This will also allow me to get rid of those pesky .gem files used for object representation and use some real models from the games.... read more

Posted by Chet Simpson 2001-10-17

News on lighting support!

I've begun working on the lighting support and it seems to be coming along slowly. Since this is one of the side things it doesn't get my full attention. I have finished implementing the lighting for the entire world (setting 'light' or 'clight' in 'worldspawn') and have begun working on placing individual light throughout a map. Unfortunately the Qoole99 source is fairly lacking in the comment department and my math is a bit rusty so I'm still trying to find the where the correct transformation information is being stored so I can project the lights onto the rendered view in the correct places. But that's once of those instances where the calculations for all light placement is done in the same place so I'm also working on support for directional (spotlights) and other types of lights. Hopefully it'll be done with the plug in manager and other fixes that are going into the next release.... read more

Posted by Chet Simpson 2001-10-11

I'm BACK!!! (Finally)

After a dealing with several problems at work, surviving the layoffs, and having been sick on and off for the last few weeks, I am finally back to work on Qoole/Goole!!!! I'll be posting more details soon!

Posted by Chet Simpson 2001-10-08

Alpha delayed!

Yup, the next alpha is going to be delayed by a couple of days. In an effort to implement support for allowing additional view windows to be created for levels, the undo/redo manager requires a LOT of changes. This is mostly due to the fact that it was originally tied to the main application window (sloppy design) and then tied to the documents frame window as a place holder until it could be revamped. Well now that you can create additional views, the undo/redo manager crashes - a LOT - especially when one of the view windows closes. So the undo/redo manager is being reworked to support an abstract operational client/observer interface. Hopefully this should remove all ties to system specific code and will allow me to move the operation manager into the Goolie library. Yes, it's one of those unfortunate things but I don't feel right releasing an alpha that has known serious problems.

Posted by Chet Simpson 2001-08-13

Open discussion forum created

An open discussion forum has been created to compliment the mailing lists. This is a free style forum so anything goes as long as it's clean :)

Posted by Chet Simpson 2001-08-11

new aplha coming

After a mildly rough start, a few minor and a couple of annoying problems have been found in the first alpha release of Goole. This was to be expected as it is afterall an alpha version. A new release will be posted in the next day or so containing fixes to these problems as well as a couple of enhancements.

Posted by Chet Simpson 2001-08-09

Alpha Version Released!

An alpha version has been released on the Goole homepage. This includes 2 zip files; the first containing the executables and the second containing the required datafiles.

Jump on over to the Goole homepage and download it now!

Posted by Chet Simpson 2001-08-05

Alpha Version Released!

An alpha version has been released on the Goole homepage. This includes 2 zip files; the first containing the executables and the second containing the required datafiles.

Jump on over to the Goole homepage and download it now!

Posted by Chet Simpson 2001-08-05

Work on the tree

Work on the source tree is coming along nicely. The first section to become a shared library is the common GUI classes. These are really just MFC extension classes like progress bars and such. The next section to be done in the 'Base' subdirectory. I just complete the modifications to remove the dependencies on the main application. Once I've done a little more testing on the changes, everything in the 'Base' directory will be moved into a shared library (.dll). Once that is done, the Plug-in system will drop right in and work will begin on migrating all of the 'Games' into plug-ins as well as adding some additional things. So far it's great!

Posted by Chet Simpson 2001-07-24

First release approaching fast!

I'm almost finished with the first pass at the directory structure reorg. This is vital to much of the development as it will serve as the base for addition of new modules. Hopefully this new directory layout will provide a much clearer approach to what needs to be done.

Keep in mind that there is a LOT of work to do on this editor. There are memory leaks, bugs, floating point problems, editing problems, and a few minor issues that really need to be taken care of before additional functionality is added. Once the source code is posted (hopefully within the next week) I will include a to-do list and as much of a bug list as I can come up with.

Posted by Chet Simpson 2001-07-21