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#4 Single mouse button interface

UI (1)
Anthony Liekens

In trying to keep Qonk as simple as possible, can we get Qonk to work with only one button, so Mac users can also enjoy Qonk to its fullest potential?

Here's one way:

* upon dragging: select an area of ships
* upon clicking:
** if ships were selected, send these to the clicked destination
** if no ships are selected, send the closest ship to the clicked destination

There's probably numerous other gestures that others want to have included.


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    Qonk 0.3.0 can be configured to use about any input device. It was not modified to work in the suggested way but for players using Apple hardware (not neccessarily Mac OS ;) ) it is possible to put the "move/attack" action on a key.

    Please retest with the current version and tell me whether that is an acceptable solution.

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