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Author: Ken Standard, AD5XJ with much help from Tim Johnston, K4TFJ

The QNetLogger Application is a multi-platform, Open Source re-make of the legacy NetLogger for Windows application by Christopher A Gearhart, N1HWQ Copyright© 2011 176 Kent Ln South Windsor, CT 06074 USA.

The author wishes to thank N1HWQ for a very well liked, and well used MS Windows application.

QNetLogger uses the Qt 5 C++ Framework from Digia (formerly Nokia now owned by Microsoft). A number of new and / or different features have been incorporated into QNetLogger that were either not in the original or are enhanced by QNetLogger.

We also wish to acknowledge the wonderful artistry of Silvestri Herrera for his Dropline Neu icons used. And to IcoJam for their Vectory icon set.

While the experienced NetLogger user will find many familiar things in QNetLogger, many features have been changed or replaced. Obsolete features have not been implemented and some features have been either replaced by updated methods or new features added to enhance the old ones. The addition of a local SQL Database is one of those features that both enhance and replace legacy features.

The windows installer package in the files is for pre-Alpha testing and evaluation only and not intended to represent a finished product. It may change frequently until a full release has been reached. A full release date has not been determined yet.

We do accept donations to keep the project evolving and to cover the expense now absorbed by the developers. Please consider your non-refundable contribution to keep this project alive. Contributors will receive primary consideration for updates and product improvement suggestions.

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