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QNANWidgets / News: Recent posts

Documentation update

The API documentation for the QNANChartWidget was updated.

Posted by Andreas Nicolai 2009-04-07

Export feature and demo release

The chart widget functionality has been enhanced through a export feature for charts as image files. There is a bit more documentation to read. And a demo for the chart widget has been released to show its speed and capabilities.

Posted by Andreas Nicolai 2009-02-13

Bugs fixed in ChartWidget

A lot of minor bugs have been fixed in the ChartWidget... it's getting there :-)

Also the build system was slighly improved.

Posted by Andreas Nicolai 2007-11-09

Chart widget almost complete

After some time the chart widget is now pretty complete. Printing/exporting as SVN is still missing, but apart from that the chart is already very nice. Zooming works fine, the chart and series editors work. I'm happy with the result so far.

Posted by Andreas Nicolai 2007-07-27


Implementation of the QNANFileSelectorWidget is now complete - or at least as complete as it needs to be. Documentation will follow soon. Also, the webpage and the API documentation for the QNANColorMapPlotWidget was updated.

Posted by Andreas Nicolai 2007-06-21

Code update and new widget

Quite a few updates on the QNANColorMapPlotWidget recently. Also a new widget has been added that helps in the typical task of offering an edit widget where the user can type or select a file name. It is called QNANFileSelectorWidget.

Posted by Andreas Nicolai 2007-06-15

More content on homepage

The homepage is slowly making progress. Except for the features page, all pages have some content now.

Posted by Andreas Nicolai 2007-04-24

Homepage created

A first draft of a homepage was created and uploaded. Content will be added step by step.

Posted by Andreas Nicolai 2007-04-18

Initial code import

The code for QNANColorMapPlotWidget and QNANChartWidget have been imported into the sourceforge SVN repository. Both widgets work already fairly well, but will need some extensions and fine tuning in the next weeks. Now let's setup a project webpage.

Posted by Andreas Nicolai 2007-04-16