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QMM v1.1.3 Released


Posted by 2006-03-04

QMM v1.1.1 Released

This is just a bugfix release. No plugins were updated except for the packaging structure. All packages except qvmops are now structured so that all files are located in a subdirectory.

Posted by 2006-01-31

QMM v1.1.0 Released!

See http://www.q3mm.org/ for details.

Posted by 2006-01-30

QMM v1.0.0 Released!

QMM v1.0.0 is finally ready, along with NoCrash v1.0.0, AdvChat v1.0.0, and QAdmin v1.0.0. Head over to http://www.q3mm.org/ to check it out.

Posted by 2005-10-14

Quick Poll

Just for general principles, I would like to see how many people actually know of, use, or plan to use QMM. To vote, just click the link below. PLEASE VOTE!


Posted by 2005-08-30

QMM Packages v0.4.0 Beta Released

This release contains QMM, QMMVM, & stub_qmm builds with JK2 & JKA support. See each package's changelog.txt for more information.

Posted by 2004-08-30

QMM Packages v0.3.0 Beta Released

This release contains QMM & stub_qmm builds with Return to Castle Wolfenstein support. QMMVM was updated as well, but is not usable with RtCW. See each package's changelog.txt for more information.

Posted by 2004-08-24

Website up

The website is now (for the most part) done. Please use it for further updates. Also available are the forums, hope to see you there.


Posted by 2004-05-20

QMM & QMMVM 0.1.0 Beta Released

This is the first release of QMM, along with an update of QMMVM. Please note that the installation instructions for QMMVM should be used only if you are using QMMVM by itself, without QMM. You can also download a stub plugin for QMM, with source, which provides a simple test command to modify the gaming experience.

Posted by 2004-05-14

QMMVM 0.0.4 Beta Released

This version fixes any crashes as a result of not being able to load the VM, it just does a normal game shutdown now. Also, the qmmvm_status command no longer is passed to the VM for handling.

Posted by 2004-05-12

QMMVM 0.0.2 Beta Released

This is a simple bugfix for several bugs punisher and I noticed in the hours after the last release. Check the changelog for more info.

Posted by 2004-05-08

QMMVM 0.0.1 Beta Released

This is the first release of the QMM project. QMMVM is a wrapper for Quake 3 Virtual Machine (.qvm) mods. It acts as a native (Win32 .dll only now, Linux .so soon) mod and masks the existence of the VM altogether. This was made as a helper tool for QMM (still in development). Note this is beta, there may be errors. Please check the documentation section before using.

Posted by 2004-05-08