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QLNet 1.3

QLNet release 1.3 . Here you can download debug/release version .
For source code : https://github.com/amaggiulli/qlnet

Posted by Andrea Maggiulli 2014-03-07

QLNet 1.2.0

Start 1.2.0 branch

Posted by Andrea Maggiulli 2012-05-28

VS 2010

Hi , from commit 371 we will start to use VS 2010.
The code will NOT be compilable in VS 2008 because we plan to refactor code to make use of default parameters ( finally!). Still the .NET framework will be 3.5 ( can be compiled for 4.0 but we will not use 4.0 only feautures ).

Posted by Andrea Maggiulli 2010-06-17

QLNet: 1.0.0 Released

QLNet is a financial library written in c# for the Windows enviroment derived primarily from its C++ counterpart, Quantlib, which has been used as a base reference for modelling of various financial instruments.

QLNet 1.0.0 have been released and is available for download:

Posted by Andrea Maggiulli 2009-02-11