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Here you will find information on how to install and use QLandkarte GT. It describes how to load maps, add and edit tracks, waypoints and routes to plan your excursions as well as how to store your data in a database for easy retrieval. For QLandkarte M, look a little further towards the bottom of the page.

Installing or compiling

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The OSM Wiki also has information on installing QLandkarte GT.

Getting started



Working with maps

Working with tracks and waypoints

Working with a GPS device


QLandkarte M

QLandkarte M is the moving map application for mobile devices. It displays map-sets of different resolutions, points to your current location and records it into a track, very much like its sister application, QLandkarte GT. The M version, however, has fewer tools to edit maps and such and the user interface is optimized for hand held devices. Below you'll find a few documents related to running it on mobile devices.


Linux devices

Windows Mobile devices

QLandkarte GT with Power Network Extension

The Power Network Extension adds functionality for designing and calculating small electric power networks to QLandkarte. Waypoints can be given electric loads and power lines can be drawn between waypoints. The resulting voltage at the waypoints will be calculated.


  • Additional electric parameters for waypoints
  • Creation of power lines
  • Calculation of voltage at the wayoints
  • Calculation of voltage drop on the lines
  • Phase balance check
  • Material usage calculation


  • Only a single power source is possible
  • Open networks only (no closed loops allowed)
  • Small powers only (


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