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  • Nedko Arnaudov
    Nedko Arnaudov

    iochannels and outchannels parameters are exposed as signed ints by the jack alsa driver. We could probably fix the alsa driver but in any case qjackctl should respect the type that is assigned to the parameter.

    dbus-send --print-reply --type=method_call --dest=org.jackaudio.service /org/jackaudio/Controller org.jackaudio.Configure.GetParameterInfo array:string:drivers,alsa,outchannels

    method return sender=:1.1 -> dest=:1.24 reply_serial=2
    struct {
    byte 105
    string "outchannels"
    string "Number of playback channels (defaults to hardware max)"
    string "Number of playback channels (defaults to hardware max)"

    105 is the type byte. ascii value for 'i' is 105

  • the jack2 codebase should get fixed: the alsa driver parameters 'inchannels' and 'outchannels' types should be set to JackDriverParamUInt (and not as JackDriverParamInt as is currently on jack2-git)--the correct type (unsigned int) should be the same for all drivers (portaudio, oss, firewire, coreaudio, etc.) and more importantly as the same as in the jack1 codebase.

    • status: open --> wont-fix