#6 Faster patchbay preset selection

Martin Zuther


At first, I'd like to thank you for QJackCtl! I'm a free software coder and QJackCtl helps me to patch my applications together during testing. I simply don't know where I'd be without it - and I don't even mention the regular patching of music players, web browser and so on...

There's one thing I'm unhappy with, though. As I said, I'm using QJackCtl to patch my applications into the audio stream. To do this, I have created several patchbay setups and I regularly switch between them. Unfortunately, there are just too many clicks involved:

  • click on QJackCtl's item on the system tray
  • click on "Patchbay"
    • select preset
    • click on "Activate"
    • close "Patchbay"
  • click on "Connect"
    • click on "Disconnect All"
    • confirm disconnection
    • click "No" several times to prevent QJackCtl from deleting patchbay
    • close "Connections"
  • close QJackCtl
  • close tray icon notification

Think of having to go through this procedure several times within a few hours and you know what I'm talking of.

What I'm thinking of is a much faster workflow:

  • click on QJackCtl's item on the system tray

  • click on special button (or "Patchbay" with a command key like Ctrl)
    to open a window containing all stored patchbay setups

    • select preset
    • click on "Activate" which automatically:
      • activates the new preset
      • disconnects all current connections
      • connects devices according to the new patchbay preset
      • and closes the window
  • close QJackCtl

Now, if there also was an option to suppress the "The program will keep running in the ystem tray." icon notifications, I'd be in heaven... :)

Thanks for listening and QJackCtl and all the best from Germany,



  • Peter L Jones
    Peter L Jones

    Part of this I've put into a separate ticket -- I'd be happy with just the quicker disconnect of unwanted connections, I don't need the rest :).


    Last edit: Peter L Jones 2015-02-08