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QjackCtl - JACK Audio Connection Kit Qt GUI Interface


0.2.21   2006-10-07  Shrinking on screen real-estate.

- GPL address update.

- All window captions can now be set smaller as tool-widgets. This
  option takes effect when child windows are kept always on top.

- For the brave of heart, specially the ones brave enough to try with
  Stephane Letz's jackdmp, a win32 build should be now possible.

- The main window button text labels are now optional (after a kind
  suggestion by Geoff Beasley, thanks).

- Increse default maximum number of ports setting from 128 to 256.

- Initial freebob backend driver support. Also changed the coreaudio
  backend driver command line device name/id parameter (EXPERIMENTAL).

- Closing the main window while not as an active JACK client, nor under
  a server running state, will just quit the whole application, even
  though the system-tray icon option is in effect.

- The most relevant transport commands (Rewind, Play and Pause) are now
  made available on the main window context popup menu.

- The post-shutdown script is now also being called when using the Stop
  button, whether the jackd server has been started internally or not.
  The initial hard-coded default is now on and set to `killall jackd`
  (as a workaround to an old request from Stephane Letz).

- The main window buttons display are now optional. One can choose
  whether the left, right and/or transport buttons are hidden, making
  it for a total of six different modes for the main window presentation
  (after a much simpler suggestion from Paul Davis and Stephane Letz).

- Added configure support for x86_64 libraries (UNTESTED).

0.2.20   2006-03-05  Featuring patchbay socket forwarding.

- Server path setting now accepts custom command line parameters
  (after a kind suggestion from Jussi Laako).

- The internal XRUN callback notification statistics and reporting has
  been changed to be a bit less intrusive.

- Patchbay socket dialog gets some more eye-candy as icons have been
  added to the client and plug selection (combobox) widgets.

- Connections and patchbay lines coloring has changed just slightly :)

- New patchbay socket forwarding feature. Any patchbay socket can now
  be set to have all its connections replicated (i.e. forwarded) to
  another one, which will behave actively as a clone of the former.
  Forward connections are shown by vertical directed colored lines,
  and can be selected either on socket dialog or from context menu
  (currently experimental, only applicable to input/writable sockets).

- Optional specification of alternate JACK and/or ALSA installation
  paths on configure time (after a patch from Lucas Brasilino, thanks).

0.2.19a  2005-11-28  MIDI aliases are back in town.

- ALSA sequencer client/port name aliases are functional again; all
  actual MIDI sequencer client/port numerical identifier prefixes are
  also back in business.

0.2.19   2005-11-19  MRU patchbay selection, Mac OS X and other fixes.

- Connections widget views are now properly refreshed after renaming
  client/ports (aliases).

- Disabled system tray and ALSA sequencer support on configure time,
  whenever building for MacOSX as default.

- Fixed the major issues with selecting an audio interface on Mac OSX;
  the button the right of the interface combo is now much better
  looking than it was before; input/output channel counts are also
  updated automatically now (thanks to Jesse Chappell for the patch).

- Prevent the setting of the coreaudio device id on the jackd command
  line (-n) whenever the default interface is being selected.

- The connections and patchbay windows are now allowed to have a wider
  connection lines frame panel; splitter width sizes are now persistent
  across application sessions (thanks to Filipe Tomas for the hint).

- Activation toggling feedback on the patchbay widget has been fixed;
  additionally and as found convenient, the most recently used patchbay
  definitions can now be loaded immediately by selecting from a drop-down
  list widget, which replaces the old static patchbay name status text,
  and adds a lil'icon too :)

- All widget captions changed to include proper application title prefix.

- Attempt to bring those aging autoconf templates to date; sample SPEC file
  for RPM build is now being included and generated at configure time.

- The current selected device is now shown with a checkmark on the
  device selection menu(s), while on the settings dialog.

- Set to use QApplication::setMainWidget() instead of registering the 
  traditional lastWindowClosed() signal to quit() slot, just to let
  the -geometry command line argument have some effect on X11.

0.2.18   2005-07-18  The mantra of bugfixes stays on.

- A freezing and endless loop condition on the patchbay socket item
  duplication (copy) has been fixed.

- Fixed output disability when messages limit option is turned off
  (thanks again to Wolfgang Woehl for spotting this one).

0.2.17   2005-06-17  Systemic I/O Latency settings are in.

- Systemic I/O Latency settings are now featured for the alsa, oss and
  coreaudio backends, letting you specify the known latency of external
  hardware for client aware compensation purposes (thanks to Wolfgang Woehl,
  for the reminder).

- Update on last backstage changes to the coreaudio backend options
  (due to Stephane Letz. Thanks).

0.2.16   2005-06-13  OSS device name selection and Mac OS X breakthrough.

- ALSA sequencer client/port name changes are now properly detected on the
  MIDI connections widget (as noted by Chris Cannam. Thanks).

- Long overdue transport buttons (rewind, backward and forward) finally 
  landed onto the main control window, at last :).

- Duplication (copy) of patchbay socket items was added.

- Do not ever try to start the JACK server if there's one already found
  running, on which case the client-only mode of operation is then activated
  (as kindly suggested by Orm Finnendahl, thanks).

- After several Mac OS X user requests, ALSA/MIDI sequencer support is
  now an option, otherwise detected at configure time and conditionally
  compiled in if, and only if, ALSA is found available (which has been
  a primordial assumption on Linux systems:). Ah, and that just makes
  for the blind inclusion of another backend driver option: coreaudio.

- Actual OSS device selection menu now featured on setup dialog; these
  adds to the device selection button menus for the OSS driver settings.

- Delayed geometry setup of windows upon startup was added as an optional
  workaround to subtle problems due to window decoration information not
  being available at window creation time on some window managers (as patch
  proposed by Dirk Jagdmann. Thanks).

- Fixed some minor but rather old bug that was quitting the application
  abruptly, when one switches off the system tray icon while the main
  application widget is hidden.

- Cancel is now an option when creating a new patchbay definition.

- Context menus are finally littered with icons.

- Minor configure and Makefile install fixes, as Debian and Mac OS X
  specialties. Also, install does the right thing with target file modes
  (thanks to Matt Flax and Ebrahim Mayat, for pointing these out).

0.2.15a  2005-02-09  Return of the paranoid.

- Regression from 0.2.13, of the not so stupid pseudo-mutex guards on the
  connections management framework, after fixing some crash reports from
  Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano and Dave Phillips (thanks!); it pays to be
  such a paranoid after all :).

0.2.15   2005-02-06  Client/port names aliasing and other minors.

- JACK/ALSA client and port name aliasing (renaming) is now an optional
  feature for the connections window; all client/port aliases are saved
  on a per preset basis (as proposed for Lionstracs' Mediastation).

- Server state now shown (back gain) on the system tray icon tooltip; 
  speaking of which, tooltips are now also featured on connections, status
  and patchbay windows.

- New actual hardware device selection menu featured on setup dialog; these
  new button menus are only available for the ALSA driver settings.

- Server path factory default to jackd instead of jackstart; preset setup
  button icons are back.

- Fixed rare connection port item removal/disconnection dangling pointer bug.

0.2.14   2005-01-23  More progressive optimizations.

- Put a limit on XRUN callback messages and statistics report rate, preventing
  the potential hosing of the GUI due to a XRUN cascade storm. The maximum
  reasonable report rate has been fixed to be one XRUN callback occurrence 
  per second.

- Set to ignore the SIGPIPE ("Broken pipe") signal, where available, as the
  default handler is usually fatal when a JACK client is zombified abruptly.

- All conection view items are now sorted in natural case insensitive order,
  not just as audio port names as was before.

- Got rid of those nonsense paranoid and rather stupid pseudo-mutex guards on 
  the connections management framework and event notifications (nuff said :).

- Optional confirmation warning on audio server shutdown, if there's some
  audio clients still active and connected (as suggested by Sampo Savolainen).

- Check for <jack/statistics.h> on configure time (as of JACK 0.99.42+ CVS).

- "Unlock memory" server setup option was added, allowing the release
  of memory used by common toolkit libraries (GTK+, Qt, FLTK, Wine) that
  were being superfluously locked on every GUI JACK client; number of periods
  has now the minimum allowed value of 2; server start delay widget converted
  to spinbox; setup dialog layout slighly changed.

- Removed stand-alone usx2y driver support. Since JACK 0.99.41+ CVS, the
  special "rawusb" support on the Tascam US-122/224/428 USB Audio/MIDI
  interface controllers have been merged and properly integrated into the
  regular alsa backend driver. Being still experimental, this special mode
  of operation is now triggered only when "hw:N,2" is specified as the alsa
  device name (N = soundcard index of snd-usb-usx2y module).

- Messages window limit is now enforced only when the line count exceeds
  in one third the user configured line count maximum; if Qt 3.2.0+ is in use,
  the QTextView widget is otherwise set to the optimized Qt::LogText format.

- XRUN status items are kept double-dashed if none has been detected.

0.2.13   2004-11-21  Retouches and minor optimizations.

- Main window is now properly minimized instead of simply hidden when
  the system tray icon is not available nor opted in (as suggested
  by Florian Schmidt).

- Some informational status items are now updated 10 times less frequently
  (e.g. CPU Load, Sample Rate, Buffer Size, Realtime Mode, etc.), lowering
  the CPU burden of most probably redundant status updates.

- XRUN detection and statistics are being conditionally included if
  jack_get_xrun_delayed_usecs() is available (as of JACK 0.99.7+ CVS).

- Fixed ancient bug on client shutdown event handling, which was
  invoking the xrun notification handler by mistake.

- Support for maximum scheduling delay status added (EXPERIMENTAL);
  this relies on jack_get_max_delayed_usecs() function availability at
  configure time, depending on a Lee Revell's non-official JACK patch.

- Patchbay Activate button is now a toggle button widget, allowing the
  deactivation of the current patchbay profile.

- Reset-status icon has been changed to a simple red circle instead of
  previous one which was much like a power-switch symbol.

- Preset selection has been added to the context menu.

0.2.12a  2004-10-11  Audio connections now naturally sorted.

- Client port list on audio connections are now hopefully fixed for good;
  the sort comparison function now takes full natural order into account.

0.2.12   2004-10-08  Larger icons and font option on connections/patchbay.

- Fixed some old and slow memory-leak due to redundand and repetitive call
  to jack_port_by_name() (discovered and solved, thanks to Jesse Chappell);
  some other free() and configure fixes were also applied.

- Shiny display effect toggling has immediate feedback on setup dialog.

- Added new usx2y driver support (EXPERIMENTAL).

- New scaled connections/patchbay icons were added; meanwhile, all inline
  XPM icons were removed and brainlessly converted to PNG format.

- New setup options as for the connections/patchbay view apprearence: larger
  icon sizes and font selection are now possible, to better ease manipulation
  on a touchscreen (feature requested for Lionstracs' Mediastation).

- Connection line width follows icon size in discrete proportion.

- "Other" setup options moved to a new dialog tab, "Misc"; new extreme item
  values, 32 and 16 frames, added to the drop-down list of the Frames/Buffer
  setting (as suggested by Mark Knetch).

0.2.11   2004-09-10  Shiny display now optional and other fixes.

- Fixed Input/Output channels settings, being now either enabled when
  the ALSA driver is selected for Capture/Playback only.

- Shiny display effect: after some conservative user complaints this 
  pure cosmetic feature is now made optional ;)

0.2.10   2004-09-04  Shiny display and curved connections.

- New pre-shutdown script setup option, allowing to specify a shell-script
  to be run before the JACK server daemon is shutted-down. This overrides
  any previous shutdown script setting, which should be now moved onto the
  existing post-shutdown script option, as to keep old procedural behaviour.

- Avoid stopping JACK prematurely with QProcess::kill() (oneliner fix);
  stopping JACK will now take a little bit longer, but hopefully will take
  the time to cleanup properly (thanks to Kjetil Matheussen).

- ALSA driver Duplex mode accepts alternate Input or Output device name.

- Context menu reset option is now always enabled (yet another suggestion
  from Sampo Savolainen).

- Main display background gets shinny effect; adjusted system tray background 
  palette color mode.

- Priority and setup control is now a spinbox ranging from 0..89 (as 
  suggested by Florian Schmidt). Same for Periods/Buffer.

- Patchbay connection lines are now drawn correctly when items are
  scrolled out of view. Additionally, the connection lines can now be
  optionally drawn as bezier spline curves (big thanks to Wilfried Huss).

0.2.9   2004-07-04  Sloppy boy fixes and minor featuritis.

- Patchbay socket dialog client and plug list option items are now
  properly escaped as regular expressions.

- JACK callbacks are now internally mapped to QCustomeEvent's instead
  of using the traditional pipe notifications.
- The system tray popup menu is now featured as a context menu on the
  main application window too.

- The reset status option is now included in the system tray popup menu.

- Server stop command button now enabled during client startup interval;
  this makes it possible to stop the server just in case the client 
  can't be activated for any reason.

- Top level sub-windows are now always raised and set with active focus
  when shown to visibility.

0.2.8   2004-04-30  System tray icon and menu option.

- New option for system tray icon and menu, which is known to be effective
  on KDE enabled desktops; support for's system tray protocol
  specification has been included so this maybe also effective on Gnome2.

- Capture or Playback-only optional alternate device interface name may now
  be specified for the ALSA audio driver server settings.

- Maximum number of ports setting was added to server setup.

- The dash (-) is now a legal character for preset names.

0.2.7b  2004-04-05  OSS driver setup fix.

- OSS driver halfduplex setup operation is now fixed, thanks to
  Jussi Laako.

0.2.7a  2004-04-05  Compilation fix for Qt 3.1.

- QSplitter::setChildrenCollapsible call is now conditionally compiled, 
  applied only on Qt 3.2+.

0.2.7   2004-04-04  User-interface refinements and OSS driver support.

- Connections and patchbay windows horizontal layout are now user
  configurable via splitter widgets.

- Refresh on connections window now take effect on both tabs, Audio
  (JACK) and MIDI (ALSA).

- OSS driver support and no-mlock option added to server settings, setup
  dialog (as of JACK 0.95.7+).

- Temporary server configuration option added, applicable to the auto-start
  server feature on client applications, whether the server shall exit once
  all clients are closed.

- Server mode (RT) status display added.

- Warning messages are now prompted to the user when there are any pending
  changes not saved nor applied while on the setup dialog.

- Translation support for the default preset name "(default)".

- Messages window pops up whenever a critical error message is issued.

0.2.6   2004-02-29  More work in progress.

- Message window line limit is now a configurable option on setup, as is
  whether the command-line local configuration file gets saved at all;
  the first argument of the command-line configuration is stuffed
  to be the executable server command absolute path, when possible. 

- Warning message issued if ALSA sequencer is not available on startup;
  also if server settings are changed while client is currently active.

- Server autostart magic is locally disabled by forcing the environment 
  variable JACK_NO_START_SERVER at startup; with any luck this will
  maintain qjackctl's behaviour whether the JACK server is already 
  started or not.

- Makefile.cvs makes its late entrance on the build toolset.

0.2.5  2004-02-16  Server survival option and command-line wrapper feature.

- New option on application exit for leaving the JACK server daemon running,
  surviving the parent process; the confirmation prompt on application close
  now features a "Terminate", "Leave" and "Cancel" button options.

- New command-line wrapper feature for JACK client applications, thus
  giving a convenient head start for the JACK audio server as needed
  (as suggested by Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano, of Planet CCRMA fame).

- Messages, Status, Connections and Patchbay pop-up windows are not hinted 
  as dialogs anymore and thus are not centered relative to parent main window 
  which has become a strict Qt dialog widget behaviour (as of Qt 3.3+).

- Patchbay window content changes are now properly updated, without the need
  for a later manual refresh to redraw stalled connection lines.

- The snapshot option for creating a new patchbay definition from current
  actual connections now takes client and port names as regular expressions
  and smart enough when regarding more than two contiguous decimal digits :)

- Patchbay socket list view ordering is now properly preserved; socket
  dialog gets plug list handling ehancements; active patchbay gets reloaded
  when commited and saved to file; connections redraw on socket removal has
  been fixed.

- Server literal command-line is now saved into local configuration file
  (~/.jackdrc) for convenience of future auto-start client applications.

- New setup option on whether all child windows are kept on top of the main
  window, or otherwise floating with probable taskbar entries of their own.

- Setup changes that are only effective next time the program is run gets
  an informational message box shown to the user.

0.2.4  2004-02-01  Exclusive patchbay sockets.

- Patchbay definitions may now be configured with exclusive sockets;
  this way, only one defined connection is allowed as soon as it's available,
  being all others immediatelly disconnected whenever attempted.

- On the connections view, current connected client ports are now slightly
  highlighted (blue) whenever a client or port is selected on the opposite
  column (as suggested by Lawrie Abbott).

- Connections and patchbay drag and drop feature is now bilateral; you can
  now drag and drop an item from right to left to establish the connection.

0.2.3a 2004-01-19  Time format combo-box tooltip fix.

- A qt-designer copy-paste leftover has been fixed; sloppy boy I am ;)

0.2.3  2004-01-19  Tenths, hundredths, milliseconds, whatever.

- Custom time format setup for all elapsed times, allowing the display
  of tenths, hundredths or even milliseconds instead of just hundredths
  of second for transport time code.

0.2.2   2004-01-16  Hundredths are back.

- Transport time is now shown with hundredths of second (hh:mm:ss.dd),
  as it was once before but not constant zero.

- Client start delay now configurable on setup; this may be of help for
  slow machines or unusual long server driver startups (e.g. portaudio).

- Client-only mode restart has been fixed.

- Messages color retouching.

- Popup menus memory leak fixed.

0.2.1   2003-12-29  The fix of fixes.

- Fixed jackstart/jackd command line parameter argument concatenation.

- Front panel status display font can now be customized.

- Some connection graph changes were being silently missed, now fixed.

- Messages window fallback fix; stdout handling has been retouched to
  be more line buffer oriented.

0.2.0   2003-12-12  ALSA sequencer patchbay entrance.

- ALSA sequencer subscription patchbay feature, complementing current
  audio service with a MIDI application connection graph, gracefuly
  included on the same front-end.

- Current preset name is shown on main window caption title. New button
  and form icons. Messages window blankness rendering fix.

- Immediate server startup option was made persistent and therefore
  remembered across sessions.

- Standard output/error stream capture setup option.

0.1.3   2003-11-26  Server settings profile/preset feature.

- Server setup settings can now be profiled, named and saved as presets.
  Command line preset name option and scripting argument meta-symbols are
  also featured for convenience (kindly suggested by Sampo Savolainen).

- New configure time argument debugging support (--enable-debug).

0.1.2   2003-11-16  More work in progress.

- Qmake project file ( now generated by configure (autoconf),
  introducing the explicit binding support to libqt-mt (multi-thread).

- Main window is not hinted as a dialog anymore, giving room to the minimize
  button on some other window managers; application close confirm warning is
  now an option.

- Removed deprecated settings options: temporary directory and ASIO mode;
  new available settings for the ALSA driver: force 16bit format, maximum
  input channels and output channels (as of JACK 0.90.x).

- Transport time display looses static hundredth seconds decimal digits.

0.1.1a  2003-11-01  Whatever happened to OK button icons.

- Restored missing OK button icons.

0.1.1   2003-10-29  Minor feature enhancements and bugfixes.

- Main window display items are now made fixed in width, at least those more
  prone to change frequently and thus caused some display jitter.

- Messages, status, connections and patchbay module windows are now reopened
  automagicaly on startup as they were on previous session.

- New patchbay definition snapshot option from current actual connections;
  current active patchbay filename status indication on title.

- New icons patchbay editor window and socket dialogs; own stdout/stdin is
  now properly captured and shown on messages log window.

- Fixed an obvious patchbay connection scan freezing bug; default .xml file
  extension enforcement on save.

0.1.0   2003-10-22  Major user interface redesign.

- Main application window complete redesign, now more like a multimedia/LCD
  control panel -- old main window dialog tabs are now splitted in separate
  pop-up windows/dialogs; big time display options. In other words, this sums
  up to a nice complete application rewrite.

- Deprecated options for forcing aRTs and jackd daemons are no longer
  available; this functionality can be officially superceded by the more
  generic startup/shutdown script options.

- Seamless support for externally started JACK server, providing a client-only
  mode of operation; if the JACK daemon is already started, qjackctl enters in
  client detached mode automagically.

- Messages window font is configurable and saved across sessions (by Jack
  O'Quin's humble request). Some colorization has been introduced on some
  event messages.

- Preliminary patchbay persistence feature is under way. A patchbay definition
  editor is already included, following an alternative socket-plug patchbay
  model that aliases and is a direct map to the client-port JACK connections
  model. The patchbay definitions are stored as text/xml files.

- New post-startup script option; immediate JACK server startup command line
  option (as suggested by Kasper Souren).

0.0.9a  2003-10-03  Tiny bugfixes.

- Startup/shutdown script options now correctly saved and restored.

- Dummy driver wait parameter is now properly set on startup.

- Confirmation warning on disconnecting all ports (as suggested by Robert

0.0.9   2003-09-25  Work in progress.

- New connection port item pixmaps that distinguishes physical from
  logical ports.

- History of most recently used values gets saved for some settings
  and options comboboxes widgets.

- New startup and shutdown script options, intended to supersede the
  mess of forcing artsd and jackd itself, in a near future ;) this way,
  one can also include the operation of the LADCCA daemon (following a
  suggestion from Kasper Souren).

- Connections command buttons are now shortly disabled after clicking,
  avoiding accidental duplicated connections.

0.0.8   2003-09-19  Preliminary transport and buffer size status control.

- Transport status and control introduced (requires JACK 0.80.0+);

- Statistics tab renamed to Status, where the transport state info and
  simple play/pause control buttons are now placed;

- Buffer size status is yet another item on the list view.

0.0.7   2003-09-15  Minor bugfixes.

- Inverse alphabetic ordering fixed on Connections port listing.

- Verbose option added; messages view font size fix; about Qt dialog;
  logo pixmap retouched.

- Configure script now checks for Qt 3.1.1 or greater.

0.0.6   2003-09-12  Drag-n-drop and more feature enhancements and bufixes.

- Patchbay connection user interface handling has been fairly rewritten;
  (features new bugs while fixing old ones ;-)

- Reset XRUN statistics button added; reset time recorded on statistics;
  calculated latency is now shown on settings; ASIO mode disables
  Periods/Buffer setting (all suggestions by Lawrie Abbott).

- Context popup menu introduced for port connection handling; includes
  new command for disconnecting all currently connected ports.

- Closing the application while JACK is running, is now presented with a
  warning confirmation message (preventing accidental Esc key press? :).

- Patchbay port lists ordering are now more numerical-friendly than ever,
  taking account for sub-numbering port names (following yet another
  suggestion from Lawrie).

- Connection drag-and-drop is now featured after many, many requests.

- Corrected the configure script to properly recognize Qt 3.0.1 or greater.

0.0.5   2003-09-05  Minor feature enhancements and bugfixes.

- Internationalization support added; future qjackctl_${LANG}.qm translation
  files are located on ${prefix}/share/locale .

- New dummy and portaudio driver support (as of JACK release 0.80.0+).

- A couple of silent memory leak bugs have been corrected.

0.0.4   2003-08-29  Minor changes and bugfixes.

- The patchbay port lists are now sorted in a more numerical friendly manner
  (as suggested by Steve Harris); the sort code has been "borrowed" from
  qjackconnect, yet again.

- Patchbay port connection lines are now always visible, even if their
  respective connected port items aren't.

- Multiple simultaneous port connections can now be handled when a client
  application item is selected for connection/disconnection (again, suggested
  by Steve Harris), replicating and extending qjackconnect's similar behaviour.

- An auto-refresh option for the patchbay connections is now available,
  for those cases when client code just can't handle properly some callbacks.

- Window positioning and sizing is now almost persistent across sessions;
  as before, position is saved for the minimal view mode; but now, the details
  dialog view mode gets its position and size independantly saved also.

0.0.3   2003-08-07  Integrated visual patchbay.

- A patchbay for jack port connections is now integrated, much like the
  greatest Mathias Nagorni's qjackconnect (

0.0.2   2003-08-02  Client code features introduced.

- JACK library and header files are checked on configure.

- Server CPU load, sample rate and time elapsed since last XRUN
  detected, are now displayed on statistics.

0.0.1   2003-07-26  Initial release.