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JACK Audio Connection Kit - Qt GUI Interface


0.0.9 Backlog

- Before bumping into 0.1 branch: arrangements for a client-only mode,
  disabling the service start/stop control mode, for instances where
  the JACK daemon is already active or started externally.

0.0.5 Backlog

- Make available some translations, as some has been contributed already;
  I'm missing "volunteers" for French (fr), German (de) and Spanish (es).
0.0.4 Backlog:

- Devise someway to make patchbay connections persistent, in a profile/preset
  manner, that will get automagically setup when respective JACK clients are
  detected on runtime; this will be handy por non-LADCCA aware clients.

0.0.3 Backlog:

- Display of current jackd version string.
- XRUN ticker visual charting.
- Any other feature one can think of ;)