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[r579] by rncbc

- Comply with jackd >= 0.118.0 which now runs in real-time mode by
default; use of -R is now deprecated from the jackd command line
interface options; use -r to run in non-real-time-scheduling.

2010-01-11 20:01:09 Tree
[r578] by rncbc

- A man page has been added.

2010-01-11 19:23:27 Tree
[r577] by rncbc

- Fixed corrupted patchbay icon.

2010-01-08 19:32:03 Tree
[r576] by rncbc

- When starting the backend server through jackdbus, simulate an effective
control client delay start just in case the backend won't start at all;
server configuration sidekick option (.jackdrc) may be also honored, even
though jackdbus is being used to configure and start the backend server.

2010-01-07 18:33:24 Tree
[r575] by rncbc

- Got rid of a pretty old and never really useful jackd-realtime
server path option--actually, it was only seen available on the
now defunct old Mandrake Linux distro.

2010-01-05 20:04:51 Tree
[r574] by rncbc

- Some, not all yet, icons washed from old opaque pixels.

2010-01-04 19:45:36 Tree
[r573] by rncbc

- New year's bumping.

2010-01-01 21:31:42 Tree
[r572] by rncbc

- JACK D-Bus configuration fix: alsa driver dither parameter default
value is 'n' (none), not '-' as implied from jackd's command line.

2009-12-30 21:53:32 Tree
[r571] by rncbc

- Hack-fixed jackdbus alsa dither setting, hopefully.

2009-12-29 22:51:38 Tree
[r570] by rncbc

- D-Bus support, as probided by org.jackaudio.service aka jackdbus,
is now being introduced and used wherever available and whenever
enabled. Configuring, starting, stopping and logging the JACK
back-end server through the infamous jackdbus service is now
being seamlessly exploited (EXPERIMENTAL).

2009-12-29 19:44:16 Tree
[r569] by rncbc

- Correct Nedko's last name typo.

2009-12-27 00:24:14 Tree
[r568] by rncbc

- Added stdio.h include for gcc4.4 when stack-trace is enabled.

2009-11-04 12:00:52 Tree
[r567] by rncbc

- Current hostname is added to the unique X11 single instance descriminator.

2009-11-02 23:25:50 Tree
[r566] by rncbc

- Global configuration state is now explicitly saved/committed to
disk when Setup dialog changes are accepted and applied.

2009-11-02 18:31:27 Tree
[r565] by rncbc

- Server name command line option added (-n, --server-name).

- Single application instance restriction option added (X11).

2009-10-30 22:07:34 Tree
[r564] by rncbc

- Server name command line option added (-n, --server-name).

- Single application instance restriction option added (X11).

2009-10-30 17:41:49 Tree
[r563] by rncbc

- Czech (cs) translation update (by Pavel Fric).

2009-10-28 18:19:22 Tree
[r562] by rncbc

- Setup for the netjack (slave) net driver has now sample-rate
and frames per buffer (period size) settings disabled and/or
ignored, as those are pretty much auto-detected by default;
also, a new netone backend driver option has been introduced
(as suggested by Torben Hohn).

2009-10-27 18:01:37 Tree
[r561] by rncbc

- - Update for project CVS repository conversion to Subversion (SVN).

2009-10-22 22:49:32 Tree
[r560] by rncbc

- lupdate translations.

2009-10-06 17:42:16 Tree
[r559] by rncbc

- Czech (cs) translation added (by Pavel Fric).

2009-10-06 08:03:08 Tree
[r558] by rncbc

- Fixed some main window keyboard shortcuts. Escape key now closes
Connections, Patchbay, Status and Messages widgets as usual (bug

2009-10-02 08:19:17 Tree
[r557] by rncbc

- Fixed glitch on configure portaudio support, specially when the
library is not detected as available.

2009-10-01 13:03:17 Tree
[r556] by --none--

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag

2009-09-30 18:13:32 Tree
[r555] by rncbc

Slipped away

2009-09-30 18:13:31 Tree
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