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JACK Audio Connection Kit - Qt GUI Interface


0.2.9   2004-07-04  Sloppy boy fixes and minor featuritis.

- Patchbay socket dialog client and plug list option items are now
  properly escaped as regular expressions.

- JACK callbacks are now internally mapped to QCustomeEvent's instead
  of using the traditional pipe notifications.
- The system tray popup menu is now featured as a context menu on the
  main application window too.

- The reset status option is now included in the system tray popup menu.

- Server stop command button now enabled during client startup interval;
  this makes it possible to stop the server just in case the client 
  can't be activated for any reason.
- Top level sub-windows are now always raised and set with active focus
  when shown to visibility.

0.2.8   2004-04-30  System tray icon and menu option.

- New option for system tray icon and menu, which is known to be effective
  on KDE enabled desktops; support for's system tray protocol
  specification has been included so this maybe also effective on Gnome2.

- Capture or Playback-only optional alternate device interface name may now
  be specified for the ALSA audio driver server settings.
- Maximum number of ports setting was added to server setup.

- The dash (-) is now a legal character for preset names.

0.2.7b  2004-04-05  OSS driver setup fix.

- OSS driver halfduplex setup operation is now fixed, thanks to
  Jussi Laako.

0.2.7a  2004-04-05  Compilation fix for Qt 3.1.

- QSplitter::setChildrenCollapsible call is now conditionally compiled, 
  applied only on Qt 3.2+.

0.2.7   2004-04-04  User-interface refinements and OSS driver support.

- Connections and patchbay windows horizontal layout are now user
  configurable via splitter widgets.

- Refresh on connections window now take effect on both tabs, Audio
  (JACK) and MIDI (ALSA).

- OSS driver support and no-mlock option added to server settings, setup
  dialog (as of JACK 0.95.7+).

- Temporary server configuration option added, applicable to the auto-start
  server feature on client applications, whether the server shall exit once
  all clients are closed.

- Server mode (RT) status display added.

- Warning messages are now prompted to the user when there are any pending
  changes not saved nor applied while on the setup dialog.

- Translation support for the default preset name "(default)".

- Messages window pops up whenever a critical error message is issued.

0.2.6   2004-02-29  More work in progress.

- Message window line limit is now a configurable option on setup, as is
  whether the command-line local configuration file gets saved at all;
  the first argument of the command-line configuration is stuffed
  to be the executable server command absolute path, when possible. 

- Warning message issued if ALSA sequencer is not available on startup;
  also if server settings are changed while client is currently active.

- Server autostart magic is locally disabled by forcing the environment 
  variable JACK_NO_START_SERVER at startup; with any luck this will
  maintain qjackctl's behaviour whether the JACK server is already 
  started or not.

- Makefile.cvs makes its late entrance on the build toolset.

0.2.5  2004-02-16  Server survival option and command-line wrapper feature.

- New option on application exit for leaving the JACK server daemon running,
  surviving the parent process; the confirmation prompt on application close
  now features a "Terminate", "Leave" and "Cancel" button options.

- New command-line wrapper feature for JACK client applications, thus
  giving a convenient head start for the JACK audio server as needed
  (as suggested by Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano, of Planet CCRMA fame).

- Messages, Status, Connections and Patchbay pop-up windows are not hinted 
  as dialogs anymore and thus are not centered relative to parent main window 
  which has become a strict Qt dialog widget behaviour (as of Qt 3.3+).

- Patchbay window content changes are now properly updated, without the need
  for a later manual refresh to redraw stalled connection lines.

- The snapshot option for creating a new patchbay definition from current
  actual connections now takes client and port names as regular expressions
  and smart enough when regarding more than two contiguous decimal digits :)

- Patchbay socket list view ordering is now properly preserved; socket
  dialog gets plug list handling ehancements; active patchbay gets reloaded
  when commited and saved to file; connections redraw on socket removal has
  been fixed.

- Server literal command-line is now saved into local configuration file
  (~/.jackdrc) for convenience of future auto-start client applications.

- New setup option on wether all child windows are kept on top of the main
  window, or otherwise floating with probable taskbar entries of their own.
- Setup changes that are only effective next time the program is run gets
  an informational message box shown to the user.
0.2.4  2004-02-01  Exclusive patchbay sockets.

- Patchbay definitions may now be configured with exclusive sockets;
  this way, only one defined connection is allowed as soon as it's available,
  being all others immediatelly disconnected whenever attempted.

- On the connections view, current connected client ports are now slightly
  highlighted (blue) whenever a client or port is selected on the opposite
  column (as suggested by Lawrie Abbott).

- Connections and patchbay drag and drop feature is now bilateral; you can
  now drag and drop an item from right to left to establish the connection.

0.2.3a 2004-01-19  Time format combo-box tooltip fix.

- A qt-designer copy-paste leftover has been fixed; sloppy boy I am ;)

0.2.3  2004-01-19  Tenths, hundredths, milliseconds, whatever.

- Custom time format setup for all elapsed times, allowing the display
  of tenths, hundredths or even milliseconds instead of just hundredths
  of second for transport time code.

0.2.2   2004-01-16  Hundredths are back.

- Transport time is now shown with hundredths of second (hh:mm:ss.dd),
  as it was once before but not constant zero.

- Client start delay now configurable on setup; this may be of help for
  slow machines or unusual long server driver startups (e.g. portaudio).

- Client-only mode restart has been fixed.

- Messages color retouching.

- Popup menus memory leak fixed.

0.2.1   2003-12-29  The fix of fixes.

- Fixed jackstart/jackd command line parameter argument concatenation.

- Front panel status display font can now be customized.

- Some connection graph changes were being silently missed, now fixed.

- Messages window fallback fix; stdout handling has been retouched to
  be more line buffer oriented.

0.2.0   2003-12-12  ALSA sequencer patchbay entrance.

- ALSA sequencer subscription patchbay feature, complementing current
  audio service with a MIDI application connection graph, gracefuly
  included on the same front-end.

- Current preset name is shown on main window caption title. New button
  and form icons. Messages window blankness rendering fix.

- Immediate server startup option was made persistent and therefore
  remembered across sessions.

- Standard output/error stream capture setup option.

0.1.3   2003-11-26  Server settings profile/preset feature.

- Server setup settings can now be profiled, named and saved as presets.
  Command line preset name option and scripting argument meta-symbols are
  also featured for convenience (kindly suggested by Sampo Savolainen).

- New configure time argument debugging support (--enable-debug).

0.1.2   2003-11-16  More work in progress.

- Qmake project file ( now generated by configure (autoconf),
  introducing the explicit binding support to libqt-mt (multi-thread).

- Main window is not hinted as a dialog anymore, giving room to the minimize
  button on some other window managers; application close confirm warning is
  now an option.

- Removed deprecated settings options: temporary directory and ASIO mode;
  new available settings for the ALSA driver: force 16bit format, maximum
  input channels and output channels (as of JACK 0.90.x).

- Transport time display looses static hundredth seconds decimal digits.

0.1.1a  2003-11-01  Whatever happened to OK button icons.

- Restored missing OK button icons.

0.1.1   2003-10-29  Minor feature enhancements and bugfixes.

- Main window display items are now made fixed in width, at least those more
  prone to change frequently and thus caused some display jitter.

- Messages, status, connections and patchbay module windows are now reopened
  automagicaly on startup as they were on previous session.

- New patchbay definition snapshot option from current actual connections;
  current active patchbay filename status indication on title.

- New icons patchbay editor window and socket dialogs; own stdout/stdin is
  now properly captured and shown on messages log window.

- Fixed an obvious patchbay connection scan freezing bug; default .xml file
  extension enforcement on save.

0.1.0   2003-10-22  Major user interface redesign.

- Main application window complete redesign, now more like a multimedia/LCD
  control panel -- old main window dialog tabs are now splitted in separate
  pop-up windows/dialogs; big time display options. In other words, this sums
  up to a nice complete application rewrite.

- Deprecated options for forcing aRTs and jackd daemons are no longer
  available; this functionality can be officially superceded by the more
  generic startup/shutdown script options.

- Seamless support for externally started JACK server, providing a client-only
  mode of operation; if the JACK daemon is already started, qjackctl enters in
  client detached mode automagically.
- Messages window font is configurable and saved across sessions (by Jack
  O'Quin's humble request). Some colorization has been introduced on some
  event messages.

- Preliminary patchbay persistence feature is under way. A patchbay definition
  editor is already included, following an alternative socket-plug patchbay
  model that aliases and is a direct map to the client-port JACK connections
  model. The patchbay definitions are stored as text/xml files.

- New post-startup script option; immediate JACK server startup command line
  option (as suggested by Kasper Souren).

0.0.9a  2003-10-03  Tiny bugfixes.

- Startup/shutdown script options now correctly saved and restored.

- Dummy driver wait parameter is now properly set on startup.

- Confirmation warning on disconnecting all ports (as suggested by Robert

0.0.9   2003-09-25  Work in progress.

- New connection port item pixmaps that distinguishes physical from
  logical ports.
- History of most recently used values gets saved for some settings
  and options comboboxes widgets.

- New startup and shutdown script options, intended to supersede the
  mess of forcing artsd and jackd itself, in a near future ;) this way,
  one can also include the operation of the LADCCA daemon (following a
  suggestion from Kasper Souren).

- Connections command buttons are now shortly disabled after clicking,
  avoiding accidental duplicated connections.

0.0.8   2003-09-19  Preliminary transport and buffer size status control.

- Transport status and control introduced (requires JACK 0.80.0+);

- Statistics tab renamed to Status, where the transport state info and
  simple play/pause control buttons are now placed;

- Buffer size status is yet another item on the list view.

0.0.7   2003-09-15  Minor bugfixes.

- Inverse alphabetic ordering fixed on Connections port listing.

- Verbose option added; messages view font size fix; about Qt dialog;
  logo pixmap retouched.

- Configure script now checks for Qt 3.1.1 or greater.

0.0.6   2003-09-12  Drag-n-drop and more feature enhancements and bufixes.

- Patchbay connection user interface handling has been fairly rewritten;
  (features new bugs while fixing old ones ;-)

- Reset XRUN statistics button added; reset time recorded on statistics;
  calculated latency is now shown on settings; ASIO mode disables
  Periods/Buffer setting (all suggestions by Lawrie Abbott).

- Context popup menu introduced for port connection handling; includes
  new command for disconnecting all currently connected ports.

- Closing the application while JACK is running, is now presented with a
  warning confirmation message (preventing accidental Esc key press? :).

- Patchbay port lists ordering are now more numerical-friendly than ever,
  taking account for sub-numbering port names (following yet another
  suggestion from Lawrie).

- Connection drag-and-drop is now featured after many, many requests.

- Corrected the configure script to properly recognize Qt 3.0.1 or greater.

0.0.5   2003-09-05  Minor feature enhancements and bugfixes.

- Internationalization support added; future qjackctl_${LANG}.qm translation
  files are located on ${prefix}/share/locale .

- New dummy and portaudio driver support (as of JACK release 0.80.0+).

- A couple of silent memory leak bugs have been corrected.

0.0.4   2003-08-29  Minor changes and bugfixes.

- The patchbay port lists are now sorted in a more numerical friendly manner
  (as suggested by Steve Harris); the sort code has been "borrowed" from
  qjackconnect, yet again.

- Patchbay port connection lines are now always visible, even if their
  respective connected port items aren't.

- Multiple simultaneous port connections can now be handled when a client
  application item is selected for connection/disconnection (again, suggested
  by Steve Harris), replicating and extending qjackconnect's similar behaviour.

- An auto-refresh option for the patchbay connections is now available,
  for those cases when client code just can't handle properly some callbacks.

- Window positioning and sizing is now almost persistent across sessions;
  as before, position is saved for the minimal view mode; but now, the details
  dialog view mode gets its position and size independantly saved also.

0.0.3   2003-08-07  Integrated visual patchbay.

- A patchbay for jack port connections is now integrated, much like the
  greatest Mathias Nagorni's qjackconnect (

0.0.2   2003-08-02  Client code features introduced.

- JACK library and header files are checked on configure.
- Server CPU load, sample rate and time elapsed since last XRUN
  detected, are now displayed on statistics.
0.0.1   2003-07-26  Initial release.