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#6 Fatal Memory Address Error


I can't get the full output, because I'm not sure how,
but occasionally, I get the following error showing up
in my logs:

May 1 02:52:53 [kernel] Unable to handle kernel paging
request at virtual address 8b264fff
May 1 02:52:53 [kernel] Unable to handle kernel paging
request at virtual address 8d5c27ff

It also spews some more memory stuff to the console,
and eventuall "Init" stops it because it's respawning
too fast.

Is there a qingy debug log installed for more info?



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    Are you using a 2.6.x kernel?
    There is a bug in it that triggers the exact behaviour that
    you are reporting. The bug lies in the boot logo feature, if
    this is your case you could try disabling it and see if it
    happens again...

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    I run the 2.6.6 kernel and I suffer from this too. It seems
    to be completely random as sometimes a can change to the tty
    and back multiple times without problem and sometimes i
    can't. In fact, I think it may be related to the PNG support
    in Qingy as it happens more often when
    strange/complex/largely transparent PNGs are in the theme.

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    Any news?
    Tried disabling the boot logo?

    Also, note that I just discovered an incompatibility beween
    DirectFB and kernel 2.6.7: using this combo will hard lock
    my machine whenever I try to start a DirectFB app. Maybe
    2.6.6 also has some issue. Could you try with 2.6.5 (this is
    what I still use, works like a charm for me)? And please,
    please disable boot logo support under 2.6.x kernels as it
    is badly broken! It leads to kernel oopses that happen after
    several hours of uptime!

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    Closing as I'm not getting any feedback...

    To me it is either the boot logo stuff, of the nptl one.