#23 Allowing qgit to accept a "directory" argument


Would it be possible to add functionality to qgit to accept a "directory" argument so that it can be run on a selected a git folder from a file manager? That would make it possible to us qgit from a graphical desktop environment and not only in the command line. If possible, thanks.


  • I forgot to mention that I'm new to git so this may not make sense.

  • What you're talking about is a so called "shell extension", while it does seem useful (other SCM frontends also implement such functionality), it's highly platform specific - so the implementation depends on your platform, it will differ for Win32, Vista, Linux (KDE, Gnome etc.)

    Maybe there's a wrapper available that provides support for the most important platforms, tho

    Note however that qgit itself can already be used from a "graphical desktop environment", it is certainly not restricted to being run via a shell

  • Yes. I discovered that it is possible to wrap qgit for these purposes. Please close this request if you find it convenient. Thanks.