QueryForm 1.3 adds Pluggable Look-And-Feel Support

Version 1.3 of QueryForm has been released.

QueryForm is a robust Java application that provides a powerful GUI front end for relational databases. It creates forms on-the-fly through which you can query tables and browse the results with just a few keystrokes or mouse clicks. It also lets you insert, update and delete table rows without typing any SQL statements.

The latest release features full support for pluggable look-and-feels. Enjoy a little eye candy, and use QueryForm with one of the many available third-party look-and-feel modules, many of which were developed here on SourceForge.

If you're a developer who writes database-centric software, QueryForm can save you the tedium of typing or pasting hundreds of SQL statements into an ISQL window each day to create test data or to verify that updates were peformed properly.

Check it out at:


Posted by Dave Glasser 2003-08-12