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Welcome to Open Discussion

Andrew G.
  • Andrew G.
    Andrew G.

    Welcome to Open Discussion

  • David Cannon
    David Cannon


    I am a newbie here.

    Not sure how to start a new thread - which I would call 'Wish List'…

    As someone who has used Idealist 3 for many years, I was delighted to stumble on your site. Well done!

    My reasons for looking for an upgrade from Idealist were really:
    a) a desire to be able to include live urls in the database
    b) a desire for a 'print' option which did not produce each record on a new page
    c) a wish to output a hit list as an HTML page, with active urls

    I wondered if you had any ideas on the above?
    Failing that I will probably write a Delphi program to format the output as an HTML page!