Multilingual subtitles

  • After 2 days of googling around and fighting with Qdvdauthor 2.0 on my Ubuntu Karmic, I post my questions here.

    My main battle is to add multilingual subtitles to my video.
    I couldn't find documentation on that and I haven't grasped the logic of this feature yet, maybe because it is pretty different from the applications I'm used to.

    I can load 3 .srt files for a single video.
    But when I'm adding formatting it seems I have to repeat the operation for every single stream. I couldn't find a way to format the text of all the subtitle streams of the same video in a single operation.

    I couldn't find a way of saving the formatting. Saving the project seems not enough, even creating the DVD I could get the old formatting. Like if I missed an "Apply" button.

    Despite my subtitle button set to stream 0 subtitle=64; I have not the subtitle visible by default. I have to manually enable it.

    Since I'm a teacher, I might be interested in documenting the subtitling process in details, but I have to understand it first, and that's taking too long (free time is not infinite).

    Thank you for Qdvdauhor!


  • Varol Okan
    Varol Okan


    sorry for the hassle. Well you can simply click on the button , which I just now implemented. Thank you for the feedback :)

    The way it is supposed to work is that you Import all subtitles and then you click the one you want to change on the first tab in the SubtitlesGui.

    The settings are taken once you change to a different subtitle stream OR you click the red  in the top corner.

    Oh and speaking of the red  you can consider this your apply button. Though the intention is to have this done automagically for you ( when you change videos, when you close the app etc pp. ).

    As with the subtitle not showing per default, I would have to check the dvdauthor.xml file for this.

    Like with most features in QDVDAuthor I have simply not enough time to test all of them for each release, that is why some of them break at some point and people assume it is either not implemented or the way it is supposed to work.

    Thanks for pointing to these issues.

    Varol :)

  • Thanks for the instant reply.
    I'm studying the matter further.
    I'll be back with more questions soon (and a tutorial!)


  • Here I am, with a couple of questions.

    What's the purpose of the    o     button (between  the     <     and the     >      buttons) in the subtitle tab?

    In the same tab, what's the vertical slider below the red  in the top corner for?


  • Varol Okan
    Varol Okan

    The  button is to stop the video ( as opposed to pause if you click on th  button again ).

    The slider is for the audio volume of the video playback.