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#246 Unnecessary pre/post/cell commands make dvdauthor fail


This was reproduced by the 11-Oct-2009 CVS version of qdvdauthor. (I downloaded it on 16-Oct-2009, but the most recent file in it was dated 11-Oct-2009.)

Attached to this issue is an archive containing three .xml files. PowderPuff2009_exp.xml was authored by qdvdauthor. It produced dvdauthor0.xml, but that crashed dvdauthor-0.6.14-7.fc10 with the following error message:

ERR: Can only have 128 commands for pre, post, and cell commands. You have 144.

(I added the "You have %d." message to dvdauthor in my local copy.)

dvdauthor.xml is a hand-edited version of dvdauthor.xml which doesn't crash dvdauthor and, as far as I can tell, produces a valid DVD.

My limited understanding of DVD authoring tells me that the entries I removed from the "pre" section are only really necessary if there's more than one titleset on the DVD, unless the "jumppad" feature is used, but that causes more problems than it solves. Like I said, my understanding is limited...everything I know about low-level DVD authoring comes from the sparse information in dvdauthor's man page.

In any case, thank you for looking at this problem.

Oh...I'm running Fedora Core 10.


  • The three XML files that demonstrate the issue