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QDVDAUTHOR: bugs? [versions 1.10, 1.11 and 1.11.1]

A few problems with qdvdauthor (I am using 1.10 due to a problem with 1.11).

I usually create a menu, add text (not frames) and convert them to buttons.

First: Wrapped highlight and select masks
Usually, after adding text I use the "U" button to set the frame more
precisely to fit the text. A couple of times I have done this, created a test
disk, did a preliminary check (looks good, at least one of the buttons works)
and started burning a set for the family only (after burning four or five) to
try other buttons and have to junk the disks. The problem? The text masks are
not pixel for pixel the same as the original text, they are a bit larger
which is nice in that if the colour is the same, one sees a very slight
change (magnification) in the text when highlighting/selecting it. HOWEVER
depending on the length of the text, font, font size, etc. the highlighted
version may not fit the precisely sized frame and ... I get line wrap. I have
had text like:
The Very Long Movie
on the main menu with highlight and select masks of
The Very
Long Movie
The difference *does* (usually?) show up if one checks how the highlighted
and selected versions look by checking the button, but one has to, and if
they do suffer from this problem, increase the width of the text's frame very
slightly by editing it. This may be due to the age of my installation and the
versions of various things (QT, X, fonts, the fonts used, ...) but it has
occurred a few times (but not always - for a short piece of text it seems
that the magnified text often still fits within the text's frame). Sometimes
I will even load the highlight and select pngs into GIMP and edit them to put
the masks where they belong (or replace the highlight and select pngs with
images I create in GIMP rather than just change the color of the highlighted
or selected item).

Second: mp2 vs. ac3 (NTSC)
I had a sound file for the main menu (converted to AC3 format) and in
creating the disk saw that the first element of the script would be to
reencode it (good - I had forgotten to change the sampling rate to 48 KHz)
BUT it offered to rencode it to mp2 format for a standard NTSC DVD. Mp2 for
NTSC (not PAL)? That should probably have been ac3. By the way, what happens
if the static main menu's geometry (time item) is set longer than the sound
file when encoding the image to mpg and multiplexing with the sound?
(By the way, I resampled the sound and converted to ac3 and that option to
convert was no longer in the script, of course.)

Third: Version 1.11 and 1.11.1: Unable to move text twice
I tried version 1.11 (and 1.11.1) and added text to a main menu. Clicked it
to move it (my four headed 'move' icon appeared, the text's frame lit up
and I moved it). I tried to move it again. The four headed arrow appeared,
the text's frame did NOT light up and qdvdauthor crashed with a core dump.

I am using an older system (Fedora Core2 with various updates) and qt-3.3.3
which should be sufficient and I have no such problem with version 1.10 but
I would have thought that such a problem (if not due to my somewhat dated
system) would have been reported and fixed well before now so this may be
due to the age of my installation.

N.B. I don't have xine but use mplayer and using the graphical configuration
menu I see that xine support is not enabled (in case this might have
been a problem with xine and multi-threading).